How to Keep Your Small Business Compact While Providing Big Business Benefits

There are some amazing benefits to keeping your business small and compact for both you and your employees. Having a small, dedicated team will make your business much more personable and your employees a lot more loyal. It will also be far easier to control workloads and present praise and incentives to all of your workers without it breaking the bank.Make your small business compact

However, you shouldn’t let the idea of keeping your business small ruin your dreams about being in charge of a profitable business that provides your customers a large and desirable range of products and services. This is because both elements can be done with just a few simple tricks.

Hire the services of a virtual accounting business

Of course, you should ensure that you have a qualified accountant working on your behalf. For the sake of your business, you must seek an accountant who can provide you with up-to-date tax law advice, such as Michael Savage New Canaan, whose knowledge of tax law is unsurpassed.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, you no longer have to employ one to work in your company or have one in the same state as you. Virtual services are very much on the rise and no more so than virtual accountants such as Michael Savage in New Canaan, CT. A virtual accountant will be able to carry out and perform exactly the same tasks but performs their business online. This will just mean that you will be able to shop around until you find the one perfect for you.

Outsource additional business projects and departments

You also have the option of being able to outsource additional business projects to experts offering their skills and knowledge for hire on a freelance basis. This means that they will not be working for you on your payroll but will be completing work on your behalf for an agreed fee.

Likewise, you can outsource whole departments of your business, such as your HR or IT departments to expert businesses that will take control of these areas. Undoubtedly you will have to choose the relevant package that you will require and will be charged a monthly fee for the time that these businesses spend working for your business.

This is a great method to keep your business small and compact without having to cut back on the essential departments that your business will require to flourish and expand while keeping your customers and your employees’ information safe.

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Keep a skeleton staff on your payroll

Of course, you are going to need to have some staff, whether they are working at the same site as you or working completely remotely. Having a skeleton staff (the very basic amount that your business requires to function) can provide your business with stability as well as a professional workforce that will work well together should the workload slow down. At this point, you would normally have to think about slimming down your ranks, but instead, you will not have to hire additional help in the form of freelancers and will be able to cope with the workforce that you employ.

Make use of white-label companies

You could quite easily take advantage of white-label companies that offer their products and services in a way that you can make your own without your customers knowing that there was another business involved.

For instance, white-label goods are manufactured in a factory where others of the same are produced but you can add (or have the manufacturer add) your customized branded label. This means that you will be able to sell the product as if it was yours.

This is not just limited to products. Some companies offer their services as white-label services. This means that they will provide the skill, experience, and knowledge, but it will be under your business banner or brand name.

This allows you to build your business, serve more customers and gain more profits without expanding your workforce or having to enlarge your business premises.

Take advantage of Dropshipping opportunities

Although dropshipping is a service that stands on its own, there are white-label companies that will also embrace this facility for you should you want them to. Dropshipping a product will take all of the handlings away from you and your business. Instead, your business will be selling the items only.

The beauty of this is that you will not have to store, pack or send the products to the customer; it will all be done by the dropshipping company. Of course, there are downsides to this as the customer will be unaware that the item they brought will come from another business other than yours. If, for instance, there is something wrong with the product, it is delivered late or is lost in the post, it is your business that will be blamed, will be required to provide a refund, or will have to bow down to the customer, not the dropshipping company.

However, in saying this, it is still a business model that can be taken advantage of and will be able to have you increase your product range with very little additional workload enforced.


By taking on board and acting on all of these tricks, you will be able to keep your valued employees close, grow and expand your business products and services without having to overload your payroll or, for that matter, take anyone else on – unless, of course, you want to.

This will mean that your customers get the benefit of big company knowledge, experience, and expertise while dealing with the company that they have gotten used to and the friendly, social, and personal approach that your team will offer.

Of course, the benefits are not all for your customers. In fact, you will find it more pleasing to work with a small number of people that you feel you know well, and they will get to know you and feel more connected with your business.