Ideas for Teens to Make Extra Money on The Side

Are you a teenager and your allowance is just not enough for you? Are you a responsible kid who wants to make money to save up for the future? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you! Here are some awesome ways to make extra pocket money while still being able to keep up with your social life and schoolwork.Teens to make extra money

Cutting Lawns and Shoveling Snow

If you enjoy the outdoors and have a whole lot of energy, this is a great starters business. Invest in a cheap snow blower for the winter and an inexpensive lawn mower for the summer and start working for your local neighbors. Offer them a cheap rate for your service. If you’re conscience and take your job seriously then your clients will hopefully spread your name by work of mouth. Your business will then be booming before you can blink.


There are many moms and dads who are searching for responsible young teens to babysit their young ones. A Dad, who works for a local men’s scrubs store whom him and his wife both work long hours and are in constant need for a babysitter said, that he finds it a constant struggle to find a warm, trustworthy teen and are willing to pay great money. This is an awesome job with no expenses and huge commitment. You can make around $15-$20 an hour which is great pocket cash. In addition, if the kiddos are sleeping you really have a stress-free job.

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If you do not like to be seen working or are more of an introvert and would like to work from the comfort of your home, then consider working as a freelancer. There are websites like Upworks or Fiverr where you can post jobs and make great side cash when people hire you. Think about your talents and what you enjoy, then come up with something that you can offer. For example, if you are a great writer and enjoy writing articles or poems then advertise yourself as an available writer. The best part of this is, that you can work at your own time and can commit to however much work you are in the mood of or could handle.

Yard Sale

This is a great weekend money making activity and can be double the fun with friends. Gather some old household items or gadgets that you have no use for anymore. Add a price on each item and set it up nicely on a table. Make some signs out of good old oaktags and hang them up around your neighborhood. There are some websites that you can advertise your yard sale on for free if you think you will need more publicity. Enjoy negotiating with your customers.


Swimming is one of the healthiest outlets out there.  If your around 15 years old and love water, then this is the perfect job for you! For starters, the average pay is around $10, though as you gain more experience your salary can double! Lifeguarding at a local outdoor pool has the added benefit of a stunning tan with little effort. You also feel fulfilled knowing that your protecting and sometimes even saving lives. You also learn teamwork and making friends if you are lifeguarding at a large pool. So even if you are not a certified lifeguard yet, talk to your parents regarding going to a course.

So now that you have some great ideas of what to do for more money, get working, and enjoy watching your bank account grow!! Good Luck!