How to Improve Security in the Workplace

The modern world contains many threats. Crime in even a relatively safe place like Oxford is on the rise. And crime targeting businesses increases every year. As a company owner, you are responsible for the health and safety of your staff and customers. Not only that you also need to improve the security in the workplace.Improve Security in the Workplace

When thinking about top-level Security Oxford businesses look at the following safety tips. Help protect your property with these security measures, which are simple and cost-effective to implement.

Best Tips To Improve Security In The Workplace

Secure Your Entrances

Entry points are often the weakest areas in a building. So, they need to be the most secure. And the first step to ensuring a safer working environment is to make sure external doors are locked and key card or other identification entries are implemented. You can have a welcoming reception area and internal spaces; just make sure that the only people gaining access to it are the ones you want to let in.

Install High-Quality Cameras

Putting security cameras in place provides footage of any events that occur inside or outside your building and acts as a deterrent for opportunist thefts. Find different levels of security camera systems to suit your needs, from sophisticated to basic models. Use cameras in public spaces and make sure that you also have a monitoring system, if needed, for out-of-hours protection.

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Keep Staff Informed

Make sure your employees know the rules of safe building management. Post vital safety procedures in the workplace and update employees at staff meetings if there are any new security issues they need to know about.

Protect Your Cyber Spaces

Don’t forget about installing high levels of security protection for your cyber operations. Because nowadays, an increasing number of crimes take place in cyberspace. If your computers and IT systems are not secure, you risk high levels of damage and loss. Make sure your information and customer data are secured on your IT systems. Keep yourself updated with new security protocols that you could follow to enhance your cybersecurity.

Operate a Secure Lock-Up and Unlock Service

Keep your business premises secure after hours with the help of a professional security guard. It can be tricky to keep the property and people safe late at night. Cleaners, maintenance staff, and staff working overtime need to be kept safe but people forget to lock doors or set alarms.

A security firm checks your building at the end of the working day (no matter what time this is) and locks the building. He or she then returns to the premises at the start of the day to make sure there are no security breaches and that the doors are unlocked ready for staff to enter. Even if you are the last to leave, you don’t need to worry about the responsibility of securing the building. A security guard on the premises at night also acts as a deterrent for any potential thieves. When they know that the building is regularly watched, criminals are less likely to chance their luck and cause damage by breaking into the property.