How to Attract Business Travelers to Your Hotel

If your hotel is located nearby to a popular city or town, you should be marketing your venue specifically to business professionals who travel to meetings or conferences in various locations. However, cities are brimming with hotels, meaning there is a vast amount of competition to beat. You need to be sure that your hotel is attractive to companies and self-employed business professionals by ensuring your venue and staff deliver a first-class service that will encourage their return on a regular basis.Attract Business Travelers to your hotel

If you own a hotel and are looking to attract business travelers to your venue, here’s what you need to be considering:

Offer Recreational Facilities

Business professionals tend to travel across the world as part of their job, so they’ve most likely stayed in the very best hotels and are expecting a first-class service. With this in mind, you need to cater to their interests and provide an experience that they won’t forget.

In their hectic work schedule, business people are bombarded with work meetings and an extensive amount of travel, which causes them to feel overworked and stressed. Therefore, as a hotel manager, you should be adding facilities and recreational facilities to your venue where they can relax on their days off.

Add Office Equipment To Rooms

Whether the business professional chooses a standard room or suite, they need somewhere to work while they are residing at your hotel. If you’re hoping to cater more for the corporate sector, it’s essential that you invest in basic office furniture such as the likes of a comfortable chair and desk to add to each room, so the guest can work contentedly in their own private space. This will set your hotel apart from most others, as communal areas can become noisy during peak times and aren’t always the best working environments.

Provide Transportation

According to a study conducted by, 45% of travelers rely on transportation services to reach their hotel. Due to this rather substantial figure, it would be wise to offer a relevant transportation service so that guests can get from the airport or railway station to your venue with ease. Having to wait around for public transport can cause a great deal of frustration on their behalf, so it would be worthwhile thinking about how you can create a tailored experience to suit your guest’s needs. This will make the perfect opportunity to ensure you create a positive first impression before they even check in.

Run Loyalty Programs

Business travelers often have meetings in the same location on a regular basis, meaning that they are likely to require dependable hotel they can book on demand. Many hotels now run loyalty programs to encourage guests to return regularly. Once a guest has stayed at your hotel for a specific number of nights, they may then be treated to a free stay or any other discounts you offer. This will not only save the guest money but will also boost your brand value and retain repeat business which you may not have otherwise acquired.