Hiring a Bad Lawyer Could End Up Costing Your Business a Lot of Money

hiring a bad lawyerIt’s the terrible truth of the matter. If you hire a less-than-perfect lawyer, you may end up costing your business more money than if you put that extra money toward a really good lawyer.

How exactly can an okay lawyer hurt your business? Well, there are actually a dozen ways, but here are a few:

If You Run an Online Business, a Bad Lawyer Can Cost You the Farm

Because of how delicate the online environment is nowadays, with all of the regulations and anti-piracy acts that have been put into place, running an online business has never been more risky when faced with legal matters.

Being faced with legal matters in any form of business is never fun or profitable, but in an online environment, it could cripple you beyond help. In terms of quality content, where you may be finding yourself in the heat for posting “stolen” content, you could even find yourself in hot water with Google itself. This could spell disaster, because most of your livelihood depends on how well you rank in the Google search results. So if your website falls out of contention for all of your keywords due to being stripped of precious content, you’d be out of luck.

A good lawyer would have a better understanding of the matter and previous matters, and may even know business loopholes that could help you overcome such a big problem.

A Bad Lawyer Could Lose You the Right to Operate or Your Name

What does this mean?

It means that if your lawyer isn’t especially knowledgeable on your area of business, it could mean that you’ll lose the right to operate, and you may even lose your business name if the matter you’re facing is serious enough.

Let’s take a second and imagine if Microsoft somehow lost its name due to legal troubles. Would it be able to recover? Probably. But that’s only because it’s so popular that people who gravitate to the new name. But it would confuse a ton of people. But what if Microsoft lost the ability to sell Windows operating systems? This would destroy it beyond all hope.

Not only that, but if you found yourself somehow infringing on another company’s patents, you’d be looking at giving back a massive amount of money.

How can a good lawyer help? With their expert knowledge of your particular field of operation, they’d more educated and connected with these matters, and will know the judges and council personally. This relationship could be the foot in the door that gets you out of trouble.

As you can see, these two very serious circumstances could destroy your business. Don’t let it happen. Hire a proper lawyer! Even a car accident attorney could help you with your legal troubles. Don’t let their status fool you, because they still have knowledge of the legal field.

About the author:

Joe Petchonka is a freelance writer who does his best to enhance his clients’ online reputations.