Top 8 Expert Tips on How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation for Small Business

Writing a PowerPoint presentation has always been something that only creative ones are condemned for. At least that is what you used to hear. They used to say that people with poor vision and depth perception, non-artistic and non-creative ones are hardly able to deal with the task, especially if it covers a small business topic. However, we believe that is not quite true. There are some vital thoughts to be shared on how to design not just a plain or ordinary presentation but an awesome one.Make a PowerPoint Presentation for Small Business

Here experts from PowerPoint presentation writing service have covered 8 tips that might be helpful whether you are a PowerPoint freshman or a profound user. Hopefully, they will be valuable.

  1. Work on the information to be shared.
  2. Study the design trends.
  3. Decide on the theme, font, bullet points, tables, and charts.
  4. Keep your presentation simple.
  5. Study the audience.
  6. Make the presentation as succinct as possible.
  7. Use messages with good visuals.
  8. Use picture tools.

Perhaps, some of the above-mentioned tips need no explanation. In this case, pay attention to the unknown ones to make sure your business presentation is successful.

Tip # 1

Regardless of the business you run, you need to be careful when you include the information and data. It is suggested to start lecturing with brief info, introduce the essence and end up with recapping that info as well as providing a conclusion. Your data must be concise, accurate and directed to the audience. It is not necessary to make a presentation of 100 slides. There’s no slightest doubt that most of the information is valuable, yet the presentation is something that delivers the essence, while details are discussed later.

Tip # 2

Designs that were regarded as awesome previous years may be old-fashioned this time. You have to keep up with the latest trends; otherwise, your brand might be outdated quickly. The correct design choice allows the business presentation to stand out and leave the impression on the target audience. If only because of the design the brand is perceived as the one behind the times, potential investors or partners will hardly consider it to be credible and trustworthy.

Tip # 3

Use texts in bold to make the words stand out. Pick a standard font with the size that ranges between 28 and 34 so that people from the back of the room could read all the slides. The colors selected for the slides are to complement the business, include its logo in the top right-hand corner. Refuse from extremely long paragraphs. Choose short and concise sentences instead. Slides will look clean and rather easy to read.

Tip # 4

How to make your small business PowerPoint slideshow simple? You need to be direct with its content. An effective presentation is explicit; it engages the audience by being interesting. Decrease the amount of text on each slide, don’t make the viewers read word for word, minimize animation and graphics as they pull attention from the key point. A presentation of your business is not something that must be unbelievably sophisticated.

Tip # 5

Studying the audience is essential when it comes to a small business presentation. If you learn it, it will get a lot easier to work on the design that will match the expectations. Experts call it an audience-centered approach that captures the attention of viewers whether you are talking to low-level managers, CEOs, business prospects or team leaders. The effectiveness of a speaker greatly depends on how the audience reacts to the slides. Learn to talk their language, use the terms and phrases that are usual for their business environment, not yours.

Tip # 6

Presenting concise information does not mean cramming a dozen of various ideas in one slide. Remember the rule: one slide — one idea. The idea shouldn’t be copied and pasted on the slide but shortened to a single sentence or a combination of words that can sum up a huge thought perfectly. The concept ‘less is more’ is perfect when all and any of the distractions are minimized. Believe it or not but it is easier to pay attention to a business presentation when there is no necessity to read long paragraphs from slides.

Tip # 7

What is good visual? It is eye-catching and intriguing. They say one should try and pick a picture that paints a thousand words. According to the picture superiority effect, visual images are better remembered than words. If you want the audience to remember you, use images/graphs/charts of high quality. Avoid stock images as they have been seen by the audience before.

Tip # 8

PowerPoint graphics software is pretty great. Of course, it isn’t that profound as in the case with the Adobe Photoshop, however, some minor adjustments of great quality can be easily made to any picture. Learn how to create stunning images with a couple of mouse clicks, use different options, edit, make screenshots, remove the background, add artistic effects, etc.

Small business presentations by means of PowerPoint are popular during meetings and conferences. They are a chance to make a statement. Even if your business is perspective, it may remain unnoticed just because of a poor slide presentation. Please, consider the above-mentioned recommendations and create a PowerPoint slide project that will make the audience pay attention and ask questions.