Entrepreneurship: Five Business Start-Up Ideas

entrepreneurshipAs today’s economic climate continues to be uncertain, with people losing jobs or working at jobs that pay far less than their previous ones, many are deciding to venture out on their own and become entrepreneurs. A great way to do so initially is to start a side business, working at it during free time on evenings and weekends while still having the security of a regular paycheck. It’s the perfect way to test the waters before going full-time, and allows a person to start a business without having to invest much money or time.


People who love kids and have free time can make extra money babysitting. Working parents, especially single parents, are always having trouble finding reliable child care. Doing a good job with people’s children can find a person earning $20-$25 per hour or more.


If people are always complimenting you on your cooking, consider starting a part-time catering business. Most people who want catered meals are having functions on evenings and weekends, which fits in perfectly with someone who is starting this position on the side. Tell family and friends about your business, and watch the orders start piling up fast.

Small Repairs

For those who have a knack at fixing things, a handyman service is always in demand. An easy business to do on weekends, this skill can quickly turn into a lucrative sideline profession. Getting a good reputation for being able to fix anything can have one’s phone ringing nonstop.

Web Design

If you’re a technology geek, starting a website design business can lead to big profits. Many people have hard times navigating websites, much less designing and maintaining them. This is where you come in to save the day. While most businesses, especially small ones, don’t have much money to spend designing and maintaining blogs, you do it for them for a small monthly fee. Leave your fear factors aside and Design great sites for a few clients, I bet word will quickly spread.

Collecting Scrap Metal

One sideline business that can prove quite profitable is collecting scrap metal. While initially this job may not sound profitable, you might be surprised. With many people still not recycling, offering to take their metal cans and other scrap off their hands can produce some extra income. For those wanting to try metal recycling, Jacksonville offers lots of opportunities. Gathering up scrap metal and heading to the recycling yards can turn into a great source of extra money.

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