Eight Tools That Will Help Your Home Business Run Smoothly

While running your own business from home is a great way to work, there are sometimes reasons why it can also be troublesome. You probably love the idea of working on your own schedule and not having someone to answer to every day, but those things can have a negative effect. Without a boss, you need to make the best use of your time, and make sure you are not getting distracted. However, there are a few tools that can help you to get the best from your home business and make you more productive.Best tools to Home Business Run Smoothly

Productivity Evaluators

One of the things that can become difficult when you are working from home is striking the right work-life balance. You want to be able to spend time with your family, but you also need to be productive to make your business a success. Thankfully, there are many productivity apps such as Focus Booster that can help you stay on target and analyze how productive you are. It measures the time you are working with your downtime; this means that you can work out the best work-life balance for you.


If you are working on your own, then there might not be the need to have a communications application. However, if you have other staff in remote locations, or you like to hire freelancers to help you, then there are good apps you can use to communicate with them. Some of them are specifically developed for business use such as Slack, which allows you to organize your workgroups and subgroups. If you like to talk to your employees face to face, then you can try Skype or WhatsApp to video chat them for meetings or to show them new procedures. It can be particularly handy if you need to show them your screen to teach them a new program. These same applications can also be used to communicate with your customers and suppliers.

Task Managers and Time Trackers

If you are regularly hiring freelance workers, then depending on how you use them, you might benefit from having a time tracking app. These apps are designed to work unobtrusively, measuring the length of time your freelancers work and their productivity levels. It can be a great way to keep track of what your freelancers have done, especially if you pay them by the hour. Although the vast majority of freelancers are extremely trustworthy, it also gives you the ability to find out if you are getting the best value for money.

Payment Systems

Whether you are paying staff or freelance workers, you still need a reliable way to pay them that is widely accessible. One of the most popular ways to pay staff is via PayPal because it’s universally used and also has support for many of the sites you use to find your employees. The other advantage is that you can pay people at various times, which is especially useful for freelance workers.

Freelance Websites

To hire a freelancer, you need to know where to find them. Sites like Upwork and Freelancer are designed to let you post a job for the freelance workers to read and apply. Typically, you will get a range of bids for your job, so you just need to pick the person that has the talents you need for the price you want. There are other avenues to find freelancers such as Craigslist, but this isn’t regulated as much, so you don’t always know what you are getting. Many businesses will have three or four freelancers that they use on a regular basis because they know their work level and their reliability.


Keeping track of all your orders and tasks you need to do can be difficult. If you rely on your memory to remember, then there is always the risk that you will forget something. That is why applications such as Calendly can be so vital. You can schedule anything you need to do and make sure you don’t forget any orders or to contact any clients. It can also help you to remember bills that need to be paid. By having something do all the remembering for you, you don’t need to waste so much time searching records or trying to remember to reply to emails. Some calendars allow you to link up your personal calendar as well, so you won’t schedule something that is the same day as a family event.

To-Do Lists

In much the same way that calendars work, a to-do list reminds you of the things you need to do. To-do lists are usually used on a daily basis to keep you on track with your meetings or tasks that you need to perform. There are many variations, including some that have a joint PC and mobile syncing. It ensures that everything you update on one device is duplicated on the other. There are many popular examples, including OneNote from Microsoft and Evernote, both of these are designed to make it as easy as possible to remember your tasks.

Finance Tools

Finance can be one of the trickiest areas of business, not only do you need to stay on track with your earnings, but you also need to work out payments. Applications such as CalcuNation can help you work out fractions which can be a particularly difficult task. For your payments and outgoings, there are many applications that can help you. They can even help with your yearly tax accounting. Your finances are one area that you need to get right, or your business won’t be a profitable as you want it to be. You need to make sure that you are collecting payments and paying bills as soon as possible.

Although running your own business from home has its good and bad points, it can become a lot easier if you decide to use some of these tools to help you. They can make the everyday tasks a lot easier.