5 Tailored Marketing Campaign Examples for More Leads and Clients

Traditional advertising campaigns can be full of mystery and uncertainty. There’s no way to know what specific creative elements of your ad are attracting leads. You’re broadcasting a message to the masses, which makes reaching the most qualified leads a challenge. It’s impossible to tell who exactly is seeing your ads and not acting, and there’s no way to determine why the people exposed to an ad never acted on it.Tailored Marketing Campaign

With tailored marketing campaigns created by a Denver digital marketing agency or other professional, your business can:

  • Target the exact prospects you want, getting very specific with demographics
  • Create engaging loyalty programs that are based on consumer preferences
  • Communicate with leads and prospects in a more effective way

Here are five examples of tailored marketing campaigns that enable you to connect with more qualified leads and retain your most valuable customers.

1. Content Based on Longtail Keywords

Your business likely has some very general keywords that you’d love to rank highly for in search engines. Unfortunately, those are also probably the ones with the most competition, and ones that the biggest brands dominate.

Longtail keywords, which are search terms that are usually three words or more and are more specific queries, are also great to target, though. These are the full questions leads are typing into search engines. Your business can provide the answer through content like blogging, videos, webinars and whitepapers.

Neil Patel, a digital marketing consultant, reports Amazon makes 57 percent of sales from longtail keywords, and he grew his own traffic by 51 percent by using longtail keywords. Use questions you get from leads and customers to inspire blog posts, and search longtail options related to your business in your keyword planner tool.

2. Facebook Advertising for Distinct Demographics

Facebook Advertising is one of the best ways to reach your most specific customer demographics. When you’re creating a Facebook ad, you can target the ad based on:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Device they’re using
  • Income
  • Hobbies and interests

You can also use a Facebook Pixel to target ads based on who has already browsed your website. You can then show ads to those leads who have already expressed some sort of interest in your brand.

Refine Facebook advertising by running several campaigns at a time. Adjust minor elements (targeting, creative, device, etc.) to see which small changes are impacting more leads and conversions.

3. Remarketing Campaigns Based on Web Behavior

Similarly, to using the Facebook Pixel to reach web users who have already visited your site on Facebook, another way to show more relevant ads to web users who have already connected with content related to your ad is through remarketing campaigns. Remarketing is displaying an ad to a user based on their past visit to a website. When the visitor goes on other websites, banner and display ads will show an ad that relates to that site.

Exposure to ads can help increase sales. The “familiarity increases liking” effect is a psychological principle that states the more people are exposed to something, the more they tend to like it. Therefore, you may have seen the exact same TV commercial played twice in a row or within a short period of time. Unlike traditional advertising, however, remarketing is more powerful because the user already has a connection to what is in the ad.

4. Drip Email Marketing Campaigns

According to the Data & Marketing Association, it can take up to more than 13 touchpoints for a qualified sales lead to emerge. Drip email marketing campaigns are a powerful form of tailored marketing. A drip email marketing campaign places a user into an email segment based on their interaction with your brand. Then, they get highly relevant content and offers based on their status in the customer journey.

People get more emails today than ever before. To avoid a user ignoring your email or reading a message that doesn’t relate to them, which causes them to disengage with your brand, all email marketing should be valuable. Placing customers into a drip campaign increases messaging relevance.

5. Loyalty Program with Purchase-Specific Rewards

Tailored Marketing Campaign for more leadsHave you ever been at a grocery store, and when you checked out, you received a coupon for a product you buy regularly, or one that you want to try? This is an example of a purchase-specific reward. By providing grocery shoppers with coupons related to their buying behaviors, the store increases the likelihood that consumers will use them and make more purchases.

Loyalty programs are a great way to provide more useful rewards to your customers, since their purchases are tied to the program. Custom loyalty solutions provider Access Development reports 53 percent of consumers use loyalty programs because of ease of use. Make your loyalty program even more valuable by giving rewards based on consumers’ past purchases, or by giving consumers a choice of what rewards they want.

6. EngageBay All in one Marketing Software

Engagebay is one of the best Infusionsoft Alternative; it has all the features that we need for e-mail marketing; let’s talk about its extensive features to have an in-depth look at its functionality and reliability: Sales and CRM: You can easily organize all your business emails, contacts and you can also track leads for boosting your sales. Build significant customer relationships that stay for a long time. Marketing Automation: you can automate your entire marketing, you don’t need to have a large human chain to run your marketing campaign, and you can effortlessly manage your campaign. Customer Service – Everyone needs fast and responsive customer service, Engagebay provides customer service which tracks and prioritizes the queries and solves tickets in minutes.

Get Specific to Get Results

Getting to know your customers as intimately as possible enables your brand to make smarter marketing and product development decisions. Traditional advertising can’t help with this but tailored digital marketing campaigns can.

Creating content with longtail keywords, using Facebook advertising, remarketing campaigns and drip email, and creating loyalty programs with purchase-specific rewards enables your business to reach more qualified leads and keep current customers engaged with your business.