5 Reasons to Have a Garden at Your Office

Has your office life become unproductive and stagnant? It may be time to get an office garden.

In reality, we’re surrounded by the same four walls for a large part of the year. We’ll actually spend 50% our total waking hours at work on any given day.

We spend most of our time there, eat there, work there and socialise there, yet the way our office looks is often overshadowed by heavy workloads and stress.Reasons to Have a Garden at Your Office

It’s a common misunderstanding that office life should be boring in order to maximise productivity, but this is not the case. It’s important that employees are able to take pride in their work environment, but how is this achievable?

Getting an office garden is a perfect solution and a lot can be achieved with a relatively low budget. To make your office garden more attractive you may need to trim or cut a tree. If you want to do it without damaging your office gardens, just hire https://www.thelocaltreeexperts.com/nv/reno/ to get your jobs done professionally at a very reasonable price. A lot of businesses are already taking advantage of the benefits of office gardens, even those based in busy cities where they create beautiful rooftop gardens.

Here’s a definitive list of reasons why you should have a garden at your office

Stress Reduction:

Gardening and gardens have been proven to lower cortisol levels and as a result, reduce the amount of stress we experience.

A stressful workforce is an unproductive workforce. Stressed workers often make poor decisions and this can have an impact on others within their team as performance levels drop and they become more hostile towards each other.

As well as stress, gardens can lower depression, fatigue and anxiety at the same time. This naturally has a carryover to home life, wherein employees feel less stressed about returning to work.


Employers often spend thousands on team building exercises throughout the year to improve teamwork, with employees seeing no effect.

Planning and creating an office garden is a huge project, but it’s one that can actually be driven by employees themselves. Not only will this give them a sense of pride, but it will present them with an opportunity to work together to achieve a goal – something which can have an impact on other work projects.

A great starting point is to allow employees to brainstorm ideas themselves, consider how they’ll implement them and deliver within a specific budget.

Cleaner Air:

For those working in built-up areas, clean air is an ongoing issue.

Plants can contribute to the cleanliness of air within an office environment, leaving employees feeling healthier and more energised. Different plants all contribute differently, so it’s important to do research around this before making any purchases.

Those who suffer from allergies and asthma will benefit most from the cleaner air as they’re more sensitive to impurities in the air.

Boost Profits:

A workforce that can take pride in their work environment will also take pride in their work.

Productivity can see a boost after a garden has been installed in your office as the mood and psychological health of employees improves. Looking after your employees in this way has a direct impact on profits as can be seen from many forward-thinking employers today.

There’s no need to spend fortunes on an elaborate garden, start small and make improvements yearly. A great way to keep costs down on an office garden is to opt for a design that requires little maintenance. Installing artificial grass is a great way to reduce the amount of maintenance needed, check this link out.

More Attractive to Prospects:

There’s no doubt that an attractive office is a contributing factor in acquiring the best talent and winning new clients.

Taking the time to improve overall office aesthetics can often mean the difference when coming up against competitors. If your office looks and feels like a better working environment than theirs, you’re likely to win every time.