3 Ways to Become Versatile and Well-Rounded at Work

Even though the economy has picked up and the tech boom has seemingly created more jobs, businesses and employers still have the ability to be selective when it comes to filling a position. Not only do they seek a candidate with an impressive resume’ and proper experience, most employers also look for a motivated and well-rounded individual who will add value to the team.Become Versatile and Well-Rounded at Work

3 Ways To Become More Versatile And Well-rounded At Work

Never stop learning

Regardless if you’re an expert in your field or a junior executive working your way up the ranks,  read, take continuing education classes, attend professional workshops and conferences and study the experiences of others.

Financial counselor James Pollard agrees: “My entire life is dedicated to helping people become better and I can tell you that most foolproof way to become a better person is to read more.”

The more knowledge you have, the easier it is to navigate through your professional career.  Never pass up an opportunity to learn more about your job or industry. You never know when recalling information from yesterday can save you today. Be a perpetual student of personal success.

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Dabble In Outside Areas

One of the most important components of becoming well-rounded and versatile in the workplace is to try things outside of your wheelhouse.

 For instance, Toronto’s Sheldon Barris made a name for himself as a lawyer working for a prestigious firm in Toronto. As a junior attorney, he specialized in real estate, finance and corporate commercial law. Over the years, Sheldon Barris’ interests transformed to include other areas of expertise and led him to eventually open his own lending company, Jorlee Holdings. In addition to the lending industry, he has also dabbled in other film related businesses both as an executive producer and the writer of feature films.

“If a young entrepreneur were to ask me for my best advice, I would tell them to get involved with a variety of ventures.  You learn so much more and become so much more well-rounded when you try different things rather than becoming laser-focused in one area,” explains Sheldon Barris.

Learn to adapt

In an economic climate where change is imminent, the truth is, nothing lasts forever.  In order to stay relevant, professionals need to learn how to adapt to sudden changes or be in danger of falling behind.  The ability to evolve professionally can keep your head above water in the event your company is outsourced or your position is eliminated. Adaptability in the workplace means being able to change in order to grow and become successful. Further, adaptability is a soft skill that many employers seek when hiring a potential candidate.

Since it’s not common practice to write “well-rounded individual” on your job application, you must be able to show an employer that you fit the description in other ways like diversifying your resume’ or conveying a well-rounded attitude during the interview. Being well-rounded doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in everything; rather, it simply means expanding your expertise in areas which best suits you and your team.