3 Tips For Keeping In Contact With Your Customers During Social Distancing

During this time of social distancing, many businesses have found themselves struggling. If you do have a small business that you’ve been able to keep open, you’ve likely found that you’ve needed to change a lot of things to keep your business running profitably and safely. However, these measures may make it hard for you to work with your customers as you once could.Keeping In Contact With Your Customers During Social Distancing

If this is a problem you’ve been trying to solve, here are three tips for keeping in contact with your customers during social distancing.

Keep Creating Content

Just because things are different with your business now doesn’t mean that you should stop with any of your SEO or online marketing effort, as long as you have the funds to do so. As a part of this, you may want to spend some more of your time creating content that you can share with your followers online.

According to Paul Bird, a contributor to Business2Community.com, while some of your content should be devoted to helping your clients or customers navigate this new world that we’re all having to deal with and adjust to, you shouldn’t necessarily have all your content focused on the current problem. Rather, try to think of solutions to our current problems that your products or service, or even just your business as a whole, can address to make people’s lives easier.

Update Your Calendar And Events

With everything going on in the world now, so many people and businesses have had to cancel plans or events that they once had in place.

If your business has had to do something like this, you may want to consider using software that allows you to create a calendar that you can share with everyone on your email list or other outreach programs that will automatically update with any changes you make. This will allow you to keep your customers or clients in the loop with calendar items or events that you’re having to postpone or cancel, as well as things you’ll be adding back on once life returns to normal.

Remain Positive And Helpful

When all of the world is scared or nervous like we are now, your business can be a light in the darkness simply by remaining positive, helpful, and hopeful as you communicate with your clients and customers.

Andrew Hutchinson, a contributor to Social Media Today, recommends that you should think about what your clients or customers really need from you at this point and then do what you can to fill that need. And once you figure out what that is, try to convey everything to your followers in such a way that you don’t spark any more fear or confusion than is already out there.

If you’re unsure how your business should stay in contact and communicate with your customers and clients at this time, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you figure this out.