3 Tips for Creating Business Swag To Give Away

Many businesses feel that one great way that they can get their name and brand in front of people is through promotional materials. These materials, also known as swag, can be very helpful for giving you more brand recognition with people who otherwise may not know who you are or that your business even exists. However, if not done correctly, the promotional materials you make could reflect negatively on your company. To keep this from happening to you, here are three tips for creating business swag to give away.Creating Business Swag To Give Away

Pick The Right Products

One of the biggest concerns you should have with creating promotional products is choosing the right products to brand with your company’s name. According to Tim Donnelly, a contributor to Inc.com, before you choose cheap items to use for promotional purposes, you should first think about your target demographic and what would appeal to them. By considering the ages and interests of your target market, you’ll be able to come up with some great ideas for unique and useful items that you can use as promotional products to give away at events or in gift bags.

Focus On Quality

While you might think that it would be more beneficial to give out a lot of a cheaper promotional material, this might actually have the opposite effect that you’re looking for. Knowing this, Katherine Kotaw, a contributor to AllBusiness.com, you should try to have the quality of your product match the quality of your business and the type of customers or clients you work with. For example, if you expect people to spend a lot of money with you in a single transaction, you should plan to give them promotional gifts that match this type of financial and quality investment. If you don’t, you run the risk of harming your brand and it’s perceived value. 

Always Order A Proof Copy

Once you’ve decided what you’re wanting to use as your promotional materials and have found the right item and quality, Ginny Mineo, a contributor to HubSpot.com, recommends that you order a proof of what it is you’re planning to give away. By doing this, you’ll be able to see if what you’re imagining that you’re giving away is actually the same quality, size, and color that you’ve envisioned and paid for. The proof will help you ensure that you don’t spend a lot of money on a product that actually won’t work for you and could spell disaster for your business.

If you’re considering ordering items to use a promotional materials that you plan to give away, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make the most of this financial investment into your business.