3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Online Shopping Cart

Online Shopping CartIf you’re looking for a shopping cart solution, you’ll realize there are many options. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as you evaluate applications built for businesses much different than your own. Expert recommendations can miss the mark because your business will have a unique mix of needs and preferences.

So, to better help you in your search, the following three factors are explored in detail so you can make the best decision for your business.

Ease of Use

A good online shopping cart will have a striking but simplistic design that both you and your customers will understand.

The checkout process shouldn’t drive your customers to the point of frustration. If your cart abandonment rate is extremely high, then it’s time to consider another solution. Your goal should be to walk through the cart as a customer before you purchase the solution.

Does the application require customers to create an account and provide pages of information before they purchase? If so, you might want to check out another solution to reduce the rate of cart abandonment.

Ease of use should also extend to the administrative side of the application. The shopping cart should have an intuitive design that doesn’t leave you exasperated trying to figure out how to add products and set up payment and shipping solutions. Look for a solution that has a backend design that is just as striking and user friendly as the frontend.


Security is a fundamental component of any good shopping cart software. If the application raises red flags when it comes to your customers’ security, you’ll have to move on to another solution.

The shopping cart must support SSL (secure socket layer), with 128-bit encryption. As an online merchant, you’re responsible for the safe transfer of sensitive consumer information that is processed through your online store. You could be held liable if customer information is stolen from your website. Don’t take the cart’s security for granted. Ask the developer what methods are used to ensure that sensitive information is transferred in a secure environment.

Visual Appeal

If you’re adding the shopping cart to an established site, your first consideration should be to find a solution that will integrate with your current site design. Customers will become cagey if there’s no seamless transition from your website to your storefront. The colors, style, and layout must be similar if you want to look professional and credible.

If you’re starting a new store, look for a solution that you can customize any way you wish. Make sure that the shopping cart offers templates that you can download and use for fast setup – some carts provide templates at no extra cost.

Your site shouldn’t look like every other store. So you need the option to customize your store to match the look and feel of your brand.

Your business is unique, so it needs a shopping cart solution that can adjust to your unique needs. Evaluate the options provided above to uncover the solution that will complement your business.

Paul Tibayan is a tech expert. He frequently writes about how to find the right tools for businesses on small business blogs.