10 Ways to Increase Traffic and Sales for Your Online Business

Increase Traffic and Sales for Your Online BusinessThe only issue with online shopping is when people visit the website, take their time, surf through the products but choose not to buy anything. There are instances when user finds various products that interest him but due to some doubt, he does not buy it. The worst case is when customers fail to get support or reply in real time from the website owners or the sellers. Online shopping is something that is way too quick than offline shopping. The customers’ visits website scan the product, if he likes purchases something or quickly leaves the website in case of doubts.

Live Chat has the ability to provide instant answers to all customers and seek to their troubles on the spot! Many websites redirect their customers to the solution sites or some blog in case of uncertainties, which is very uncomfortable for customers. What if customer does not attain preferred answer or similar issues? Hence, people these days rely on Live Chat software. Here are few reasons why you must also implement the Real Time Chat software on your ecommerce website:

Convenient for customers: According to a recent study being conducted, almost 44% of customers say that having a person to answer their queries in the middle of online purchase is one of the most important feature any website can offer. Online Live Chat software can offer instant support to the users.

Wait Time: The wait time in usual support centers can vary from few hours to some days and in worst-case scenarios, it can vary to weeks as well. With the online Live chat software, the absolute wait time can be reduced. User can get instant replies instead of waiting for a comparatively longtime.

Better first impression: When user finds there is someone to help him out while shopping, he forms a good first impression of the website. Even if user does not purchase anything, he is bound to visit the ecommerce website again or recommend it to his friends.

Multi task: If seen from the website administrator’s view, it gets easy to manage or chat with multiple customers at the same time. The Live chat software offers a facility to form as many operators as required and perform real time chat with “n” number of users. One can give equal importance to each customer and give instant reply without worrying about the number of online users.

Reduce Expense: The Live chat software reduces company’s expense by cutting down on contact center costs and waiting time. Lowering the expense that is spent on assigning support task to outside customer care centers and preventing outsourcing of work can actually reduce the total expenditure spent.

Increased ROI: According to many studies being conducted, it has been proven that Live chat software increases the sales exponentially. Obviously, you need good products to increase the ROI but customers are attracted towards a website that resolves their issues instantly! It is always beneficial to understand customers’ needs and reciprocate it.

Edge over your competitor: It is always better to use new products or ways to increase the sale than your competitors are in business. There are good websites in the market that include amazing products and sale options but fail to produce good ROI due to lack of Real time chat interface. Users find themselves at ease when they can discuss their doubts with someone instantly and websites owning live chat software never let down their customers.

Friendly: Live chat software makes customer feel at ease and helps in forming friendly relations between user and the customer. Creating friendly terms with customers is always beneficial for the well-being of the company. Customers seldom visit websites they do not trust!

Better marketing strategies: Some Live chat software enable website admin to check the visitor’s complete information including visitor’s name, department, email, IP address, Host, in time etc. This lets the admin create better marketing strategies as he knows what kind of people visit the website, what are they looking for and specific needs. For example, look at the image below that depicts visitor’s info:

Increase Traffic and Sales for Your Online BusinessGeo location Tracker: With better geo location feature, admin can know more about the website visitor. It helps in forming better strategic plans or increasing sales. One can find out maximum visitor’s location and then aim at the sales accordingly! For example, you can see in the image below that maximum visitors are from India so you can form marketing strategies that would aim towards increasing sale in this country!

Increase Traffic and Sales for Your Online BusinessThere are myriad of live chat utilities available in market that can be used as per se. One can decide based on the usage type and plan to invest upon. eAssistance Pro is one such tool that makes Real time chatting almost a child’s play! Easy to use screens, simple interactive interface and various options make it one of the most downloaded software currently.