10 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Use Virtual Offices

virtual officesSmall businesses need to keep a stern eye on their investments if they are to break even. At least for the first few years, it makes sense to eschew renting office space and using virtual office spaces, and here’s why.

1. You Can Hit The Floor Running

A virtual office is an office that’s already set up with the facilities and amenities you need. All it needs is for you put up your signage and train the employees to speak your tongue, to get quickly operational.

2. You Benefit From The Location

It’s almost impossible to cost-effectively rent office space in a prestigious location anymore. However, you can find virtual offices in prestigious areas like London just by visiting https://www.yourvirtualofficelondon.co.uk, whose address will suitably impress your clients.

3. You Are Free Of Rent And Lease Worry

You can rent virtual office space by the month, by the quarter or year. You don’t have to bother with rents, leases, contracts and mortgages. If you decide that a location doesn’t suit you, you can opt for a different virtual office, with little financial commitment.

4. You Gain Remote Advantage

A virtual office is not only more cost effective, but also extremely useful because you can manage it remotely. Imagine opening an offshore office in London when your company is registered in Dubai, UAE, and managing it remotely with experienced virtual office staff.

5. You Don’t Need To Manage Staff

If you want to be a one-person business, you can do it with a professional virtual office that can enable you with a professional staff. They can manage calls, take messages and manage your clients for you. Hiring, training and firing employees won’t be a concern for you.

6. You Can Open Virtual Offices In Multiple Locations

Another unbeatable advantage is that you can do business around the globe via virtual office providers who offer national and international locations. By having multiple virtual business addresses you could have the reach, but not the expenses of traditional multi-location companies. Both virtual office space and the travel expenses related to them are tax deductible, which is another plus point.

7. You Can Try The Market First

You have plans to expand but want to be sure before you take the plunge. A virtual office offers the ideal way to test the waters before you commit yourself. You can use it to test the market, assess customer reaction and market opportunities before getting serious.

8. You Can Save Money

Look at all the overheads you’ll be saving money on: energy bills, office equipment, rent, housekeeping service, furniture, computer hardware and software, communication facilities – it’s a long list. If you sign a bi-annual contract, you can save much more on virtual office rent.

9. You Can Have A Virtual Receptionist

The advantage of having a virtual receptionist is you can train that person according to your business guidelines. You’ll be charged for the calls per minute, but that’s still a huge savings over hiring a live receptionist.

10. You Can Pay As You Use For Services

If you need access to a conference room, a meeting room or a hot desk, you can pay for it for the time you’ll be using it. You don’t have to bother with the overheads that come with maintaining office space with all these amenities.