What Are The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization?

advantages of seoWithout a doubt, search engine optimization (SEO) can bring a lot of revenue and customers for any site owner or entrepreneur. With search engine optimization for your website, you can attract more visitors who are looking for the product, service or information you offer. Besides that you get more targeted visits to your website you will also increase conversions. You get more desired type of visitors to your website.

Some Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

  • More visitors on your site who are looking for your product, your service or the information you want to share.
  • More conversions on your website so more (potential) customers = more sales.
  • Higher positions on Google.
  • More recognition. More visible in the search engines.
  • Another advantage of search engine optimization is a website that is good in each other, so that the visitor will come quickly to the desired page.
  • Saving money on paid search engine advertising, search engine optimization because it is free.
  • Prolonged good positions. Proper optimization of your website means that you remain long for good positions.
  • Cost efficient. The money you spend on search engine optimization pays for itself twice over the long term.

These are just some of the advantages of a search engine optimization process.

It is clear that every company should constantly optimize the website for search engines. The more time you spend to optimize, the more money it earns will be (new customers through the website), if your site itself is optimally classified, so that visitors can easily find their way.

Improve your first website

If you are soon going to start with search engine optimization, or “SEO“, and aim your first on improving your website itself, instead of focusing on reaching the first page on Google. If at this time all visitors to your website will not convert, you have the problem at the root causes, starting with website optimization.

The conversions will does not suddenly jump up when you get Google top position. With search engine optimization, it is in particular the conversion rate (the percentage of visitors going to the desired action) to get up. These are the visitors who need to do something on the site, not Google.

You expect that visitors will click on your ads, customer, and register for a newsletter or other action by you, but it is currently not enough happening, so you should share your site differently than before.

There will be little or no change when 4x as many people come as it is today, because the current visitors apparently convert and there’s the problem!

It all starts with improving your website:

Post useful information for your visitors. How would you help the visitor?

Is there a contact present in a visible location?

Meet you all conversions? Which visitors, customers and which are not? How many visitors become customers?

Are all web pages easily accessible for your visitors?

Again, first improve the website, and then start with search engine optimization. Invest heavily in Google, without new customers to come back (or more money with your website), is a waste of investment.

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