Ways to Get Links from Yahoo! Answers

Many bloggers complain that there blogs are capable of getting link backs from Google but is there any way to get almost equal number of quality links from Yahoo too? Are you struggling for quality links from Yahoo answers?

Don’t worry here we will discuss of getting quick and quality links from yahoo answers. It is as simple and to somewhat similar as blog commenting. We all know getting back links from Yahoo will help us in getting exposure in search engines as yahoo itself is a renowned search engine with huge alexGet Links from Yahoo! Answersa rankings and quality traffic. According to many bloggers yahoo answers are the best way to steal some quality traffic for the betterment of your blog. So be ready to get quality links from Yahoo services and answers.

First of all let me discuss about yahoo answers.

Yahoo answer is just an online service of yahoo that lets you to asking questions and getting your answers. It also lets you to answers others questions, rate there answers as best answers, like or their answers. This was a quick introduction those who are less familiar with Yahoo answers.

Now for answering or asking questions you need to have your account on yahoo. If you have then you can click on answer tab to give answers to others questions.

The aim of yours is to attract quality traffic and linking back your blog from Yahoo. This is not that much easy you need to keep few things in mind for that. So from my research here are few tips that will surely bring quality links from Yahoo.

Attack on The Category Related to Your Blog:

Suppose you have a website that reveals techniques about startup business ideas and you are answering questions related to health improvement, this might work but not like that if you answer to the categories related to your blog.There are vivid categories on Yahoo answers you need to pick a category that best suits your blog. Suppose if you have a blog related to technology and you are answering for dating and fitness questions then do not expect for glorious results. Try to answer about some technology questions.

Link Back to Your Answers

The most important part of answering questions is that you must link back your answers to get quality traffic. Link you blog to the Source box given. Try to link different links or inner pages of your blog for different answers that will be more effective rather than just to link back your home page for every question. This is just a common sense tip that you should follow.

Also as a blow owner you must know how mush spammers are hated. So don’t try to spam just eave a single link for each answers and it would be far better if your link will be somewhat related to your answer.

Be the First One to Answer

Many peoples are lazy surfers they just not scroll down so try to be the first to answer that gives you full proof guaranty that your answer will be visible to all. This might be helpful as because you might have a chance to nominate your answer for the best answer. This does not means that you write your answers off topic take your time.

Answer Only If You Know

This is very important. Try to build your reputation of giving the quality answers so that different people get attracted by your answers and thus this will bring them to your blog or links that you have submitted while giving the answers. If you do not have any Idea about the question it is better to skip as you do in your examination where one fourth is deducted for every wrong answer.

Justify Your Answers by Researching

There is a tip for getting voted as best answers. Try to research for the question in Google and get the most informative answer then provide the link with your answer to the readers, if the link will be informative there is every chance of getting voted as best answers and this will help you to direct traffic to your blog. So try to get best answers, try to be on the top and you will get continued traffic.

Try to Be a Top Contributor

While answering to the same category try to be a top contributor as this will also high up the chances to being selected as the best answer. Once the reputation is built you will gain trust of readers. Don’t break this trust by giving short answers try to elaborate in detail solve problems in a convenient and easy way.

Be an Active Member Always

Try to be active on Yahoo answers to attract traffic. Suppose you answered lots of question today and you again login after a week to answer then this will not work for you try to login daily and answer to your category. Try to aim at least ten answers every day and you will get the results in the next Google update and on your stats of traffic.

These were the seven tips of getting your quality links and gaining better search engine traffic from Yahoo answers hope this tip of mine will helpful for those struggling for quality links from Yahoo answers. If you have any other method of getting back links then please let us know.