5 Top Reasons Why You Are Not Getting More Search Engine Traffic

Getting More Search Engine TrafficAre you getting very low traffic from search engines? We all know organic traffic always play a major role in success of our blog. Here are the top 5 reasons why you are not getting more search engine traffic as you expected.

Duplicate Content

Using or publishing duplicate content on your blog can harm your search engine rankings and is one of the top reason of not getting traffic from search engines. So, do write your own unique content and get more importance, favor, respect from all major search engines.

Your site is New or Not Indexed

If you have started your blog recently or still it got not indexed on search engines then they can’t send you traffic.In such situation you should invest some of your valuable time for commenting, guest posting on some popular blogs. At the same time you need to follow few steps to get index your site quickly.

  • Submit your sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Tools.

You don’t put keywords in Headlines

Headlines really create a major role in terms of SEO. To make your headline search engine friendly try to put your keywords in it. Remember, if you want to rank top for particular keywords, they need to be in your headline.

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Excessive Use of Ads

It may be another reason of not getting traffic from search engines. So if you are using excessive amount of ads and very little content on your blog, then search engines like Google will often relegate the website to the Google Sandbox or supplementary index. Means you’ll not get any traffic from Google in feature.

You Are Not Using WordPress

We all know WordPress is the world’s best blogging platform. One of the major benefits of using WordPress is that it generates easy-to-index pages and this way you can get higher rank on search engines. WordPress has thousands of different plugins to make blogging easy and also help us to get high rank in search engines easily.

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