Top 5 SEO Trends of 2013

top seo trends of 2013Though, the basics of SEO would have little influence by the latest trends, but still the working methodologies have been changed. One needs to have an eye on the latest and the prevalent trends when you speak of SEO. This is something every writer should be familiar with. The world of SEO is becoming very productive for the concerned professionals, so it is a pre-requisite that you work on the trends that are likely to be prevalent throughout the year. This is really something you cannot afford to let go. This is not about the type of online content that you write; rather it is about the basics that you have to follow. This is because of the fact that the basics are quite the same when you speak of the online content writing. If you are to know about the latest SEO trends that would be most likely to be prevalent in 2013, then all you need is to grab a cup of coffee, and read the rest of the article.

Top SEO Trends of 2013

1. Title and Headings

This is indeed very important. You cannot deny the importance of the title tags that can really set you going. You need to ensure that you keep this aspect in mind while writing content online. Also, you should be creative enough to come up with the catchy titles and headings that can set it up for you. This can be beneficial from SEO point of view and also from the readers from point of view as well. So, it is doubly important that you work on this fact that can be really amazing for you. Being an online writer, you have to ensure that you come up with the title that can be eye-catching for the readers, and also in coherence with the SEO search.

2.  Article Marketing

Owing to the presence of Google Panda, this aspect of marketing has been affected severely. Article marketing is something of a treat for writers and online businesses, but the trend has been seen to take a downward shift. This is because of the Panda Update that has taken away the status from the article marketing world. Ezinearticles, which is considered as the best when you speak of the article marketing, has also been affected quite severely by the Panda Update. Still, this can do the trick for the new websites that are intending to come at the top of the Google results.

3.  Social Media

This is indeed the real deal. The trends related to the social interaction and the social media are taking the whole scenario to a new level. You need to be aware of the utility of the social media, which is really something you cannot avoid. Being a writer, you need to be aware of the various strategies related to the social media that can really help you out.

4. Fresh and Quality content

Quality content is always appreciated. If you can come up with a duo of quality and freshness, then it can really help you to achieve the SEO results that you are intending for.

5.  Detailed Posts

This is another way that can help you to get the things done. You have to ensure that you go for the detailed posts that are very much important. This can also help you to achieve the results related to SEO.