Tips to Bring More Visitors to Your Blog

Blogging can be tough. You put all your effort into writing a great post, one that you feel is a game changer for your niche. You excitedly hit the publish button and wait… nothing. Oh well, it’s a new post, right? There is sure to be more visitors tomorrow, or over the next week or so. The disappointing thing is that instead of the influx of traffic you were expecting, the heaps of comments at the bottom of your post, and a deluge of new subscribers, what you actually get is a mere trickle of traffic. What makes it more frustrating is that you see other blogs that seem to be more successful than yours, even though you believe your blog is better! So if you are looking for ways to bring more visitors to your blog, this guide gives you some tips.Bring More Visitors To Your Blog

Best Tips To Bring More Visitors To Your Blog

Content is King

Content is king. Without it, your blog provides little value to your audience. Always write the best content you can, and make it about something that helps your audience in some way. It could be tips and tricks on how to achieve something, it might be a cooking tutorial, or a list article. The key is to make each post have something that will bring a benefit to your reader. When you write good content, not only will your readers be more likely to stick around to read your other posts, but new readers will want to come back to read more.

Writing good content also makes it more likely for other websites to link to it, and the more links you have helps your blog to rank in the search results.

Attractive Visuals

Use attractive visuals in your posts, such as photos, infographics or even video to help your audience become more engaged with your content. Use visuals to break up blocks of text, making the information easier to digest. Visuals such as infographics are a good way to display complex information, and shows that you have spent time and effort to create a quality post.

An engaged audience means that people are likely to return to your blog, and more likely to share your content with others. Having other people spread the word about your blog is the best form of advertising you can get, and you will see an influx of traffic.

Use Keywords

Keywords are what helps search engines know what your blog is about, allowing them to place your website in pole position amongst search results. When writing posts, think of one or two keyword and phrases that people might use when looking for a solution to the problem that you are going to solve. You can also find keywords and phrases related to your topic by using tools such as Googles Keyword Planner. Then, put those phrases within your post, but so they read naturally. Don’t overdo it as too many keywords can affect the flow of your article, and make it awkward to read. The optimal amount of keywords is about 1-2% of your total article, and there are apps and plugins that you can use to see the percentage of keywords in your post so you can get the right amount. Keywords will help you rank higher in search engine results, making more people click on your blog rather than your competitors’.

Post Regularly

Posting articles regularly on your blog not only keeps your audience coming back to see your next post, but it gives search engines new content to index and rank. So how often should you post new content? The recommended minimum is at least one post per week, but the more posts you can add, the more traffic you will see. Just make sure every post is good quality content.

Link Building

Getting other websites to link to yours is called backlinking. The more backlinks you have, the more authority your blog has in the eyes of search engines. Search engines want to provide value for users, so they rank the most authoritative websites first.

You can build likes by commenting on other websites and blogs in your niche and including a link to your own website. You might also contact influencers and ask if they would include a link. Doing this works well on websites that have articles such as ‘100 Blogs that…’, with the list being something to do with your niche.

Another way to get quality backlinks is to write for another blog, known as guest posting. While it might take some effort to write a post, knowing that you won’t get the reward of using it for your own blog, what guest posting does is to get your blog to reach a new audience. To make it easier, there are guest blogging sites that have lists of blogs that accept guest posts. It means that you don’t have to contact blogs singly and wait for a response, rather choose from blogs that you already know accept posts.

Make it Shareable

Do you make it easy for your audience to share your blog posts? To do so, have social share buttons in a prominent position. One good idea is to have a floating bar at the side of every post that contains social media buttons that visitors can click on to share. You might also add a bar at the end of your posts too. Sharing gets your content out there, so make sure it is easy for your visitors to do.

Don’t forget to share your content on your own social media too! Every time you publish a post, update your social media accounts to let your followers know there is something new to see on your blog.

Building a blog takes time as well as effort, and if you are just starting out you shouldn’t expect to see great results at first. That is why most bloggers give up on their blogs after a year. However, think of the long-term if you want to be like those bloggers who you see as successful. With consistent effort, you will get there.