How Anchor Text over Optimization can harm your website

optimize anchor textOne of the giant search engine, Google always make off and on changing in its algorithms to provide more improvised results to its users. These updates often hit SEO world especially those who are busy in website promotion by lending a hand of black hat techniques. Those who choose the way of gray hat also fall in the same category. So, SEO world has been hit by the number of Google updates from time to time, be it Panda update, park domain update or the most recent Google Penguin update.

Google has downgraded the ranking of some websites in recent penguin update. These were the sites that were using black hat techniques like over use of keywords in their content or excess keywords targeting by getting link to single keyword, not making spread of them or rather talking about only keywords without taking brand name into account. Whatever may be the reason to end with, it was the wastage of time and all the efforts that have been put forth to website promotion ended in fiasco.

Webmasters all across the web are chewing the cud about diplomacy to be used in optimizing website and how to draft the link building devices to cope up with all these alterations that Google has made in latest penguin update. Most webmasters recommend that only way to avoid the penalties that are prone to hit by penguin update is to adopt a natural looking anchor text link building tactics. But the real question is how would be the natural looking anchor text links?

Here is the bird eyes view about natural link building tactics that you be supposed to agree to.

Once you are doing link building, whatever type it be i.e. reciprocal link building, profile links, or links from any other practices, make sure you targets your website brand name along with your targeting keywords. Additionally, in order to make the right ingredients, you can mix your targeting keywords with the words such as click here, visit this website etc. Your exact match anchor text keyword must be linked not more than 10 to 20 % of total keywords link you are getting to your website.

Apart from that you need to pay extra attention towards the quality of links you generate. Links from poor sites, ban sites or link selling sites are prone to hit by Google penalty.  So, avoid getting links from these sites. Reciprocal link building tactics is also deemed to be the process of link selling, so avoid doing reciprocal link building as far as you can. Three way link building is the best approach that you should follow.

In net shall:

The saying that excess of everything is bad is applied everywhere hence over optimization of keywords are not exceptions of it. You need to maintain balance among keywords you are targeting by using right muddle up. 60-65% keywords must be mixed with Brand name, 20-25% must be mixed with the other words like click here, visit website and 10 -20% should be used exact match while you are adopting link building ploy.