Effective SEO strategies That works in 2016

Starting with what is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you enter something in the search engine and hit the search button you are given a list of web contents as a result relevant to your search. And as a normal tendency you would be visiting the websites that are among the top in the list. Have you ever thought of why some of them rank better than the other sites or why only those sites were first shown in the results? The answer to this is SEO which is a powerful web marketing technique that helps the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to find and rank your sites higher than the thousands of other sites in response to a search query.SEO strategies

It is the reason of the visibility of a particular website or webpage in a web search engine’s unpaid results.

Foe every business to work you have to work out different marketing strategies depending on your targeted customers. For that firstly identify the SEO techniques that will get you your desired results and secondly put 100% of your resources into executing and scaling those techniques.

Strategies that work

You should be conscious about your topic and streamline your article to the content as a whole rather than just focusing on one section of topic or the singular keyword phrases. Target everything that could be potentially related to your concerned topic. Taking this approach portrays you as authoritative in the eyes of Google and in turn it helps you with your ranking.

Get SSL (Secure Socket Layer) installed as Google gives definite advantages to those having https available.

You can try using long tail keywords. They are a more specific variations of the main keyword and although will have a low number of monthly searches but when combined together, will add up to or may be exceed the number of searches that your main keyword receives. However do not mistaken it for inserting the long tails only and hope to rank; that is not how it works.

It is beneficial if your website does not take time to load as slow websites my receive penalty as announced by Google.

Try and guest post. It will definitely help you. It is still one of the best sources of genuine, authoritative back-links. With guest posts you gain more visitors from the authority sites meanwhile if you want to increase you revenues then you must utilize the ultimate guide to conversion rate optimization and see you blogs revenues flying high. Also you build your online credibility among the blog owners and its readers. This helps in the near future if you think of launching some product; the blogs you write guest articles for will be a great leverage for you if they advertise for you. With guest blogging you can gain maximum exposure for your blog increasing your brand recognition.


SEO is one of the fast evolving industries. It is not at all what was relevant in the year would work out for you in the present year 2016. For staying on top one needs to be aware of adaptive to changes as they happen.

A business that doesn’t grow dies soon and the same goes for search rankings. Keep striving to be ranked higher.

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