Boost Your Blog Rankings in Search Engines

Many people from the world wide web are often attracted towards the blogging arena as blogging seems to be an easy task to them and they are not aware of the hard work pro bloggers do in ranking their blog in search engines. The results for such newbies are Zero and for this reason, you will find that only very few people out there have been able to stay in the business of blogging. Everyone reading this post must understand that an empty sac cannot stand on its own it needs support similarly; your blog needs your support too. Support in the Sense of useful information’s or contents that you will be publishing on your blog regularly and SEO (search engine optimization).Boost Your Blog Rankings

Mainly we will be discussing the SEO works you need to do to boost your blog rankings in search engines. Now SEO is mainly done in two ways ONPAGE SEO and OFFPAGE SEO

Now a question may arise in your mind that what is the difference between them.

ONPAGE SEO: Though all the search engine optimization is done to boost your blog rankings in search engines, actually ONPAGE means the page of your blog you are working. Suppose you are writing a post then, then you must take care about few things they are your HEADLINE, TAGS, META DESCRIPTIONS and most importantly KEYWORDS STUFFING you must do a keyword research according to your post title and your niche.

It will be much easier for you to rank for a low competition keyword and if that keyword has got maximum searches on search engines then it will be an icing on the cake. For this, you can check keyword difficulty with Ferzy.

This tool will show you related keywords.

FerzyFerzy tool also let you know about your competitors blog metrics i.e. Page authority, Domain Authority, Links , and AGE which will help you to analyze everything you need to do with your ONPAGE SEO works.

Ferzy SEO toolBut don’t try to use excess use of your keywords to boost your blog rankings in search engines instantly because you may get hit by an algorithm and that will have an inverse effect on your rankings so use keywords only if they seem to look natural with the post.

In my opinion, you should use your keywords in Title of your Post, First paragraph of your post, in any H1 tag, and in the conclusion. This will surely help you to get on the top if you have chosen the correct keyword from a little page Seo

OFF PAGE SEO: This is mainly done on other blogs or forums for your blog. This includes Blog Commenting on popular blogs of your niche many bloggers have said that their blog rankings got improved by answering questions on Yahoo Answers and Quora. Next Link building through Guest posting ,now you might have often seen WRITE US PAGE on blogs through this you can contact the admin of the blog and ask them to allow you to write for them, in turn, they will allow your blogs link in the post.

Hope this post of mine will surely help you to improve your blog rankings in search engines. As there is always a room for improvement you can share your views with us via comment section if you have any problem regarding search engine optimization.