Are You Ready For the New SEO Era

new seo eraIt takes a lot of time for people to unlearn what they have learnt. This is because they have become a habit. It’s SEO we are talking about. SEO practices have changed a lot recently. Search engine optimization is a very vital concept and it is ever evolving. The new techniques and technology changes are making things change. Hence, one need to keep pace with changes when planning to change one’s SEO practices. So now the question arises are you ready for the new SEO era? Learning the new ways of search engine optimization is highly essential. The best way to give your website a new touch is by learning the new techniques and forgetting the old practices.

Linking Practice Changes

We all know that search engine optimization is more about links, creating links and back linking, but things have changed drastically. Creating back links these days decreases your rank. Many people use fake links, but Google now wants genuine links that are from real sites. So try linking genuine sites go slow and create magic in your website.

Content Strategy Changes

Before the recent updates that have been made in the SEO industry content was the king. However, less people gave it any hindrance. Today, avoiding a good content can mean a lot. Flimsy and borrowed content is no longer what can fetch you good results. With Google growing smarter and updating itself, it can easily recognize the difference between a good and fresh content and an old and copied content. Informative, trustworthy and relevant concept can help you to make your website ranking good. If you believe the old habit will give you the same old results, then you are wrong as very soon you will find the results are different. So change your old habit and start updating your website with fresh content. Content is now the real king, and it’s time that you believe it.

Social Content Strategy

Social content is another very important factor when you are trying to build up a better website with search engine optimization tactics. There are innumerous good contents spread on the World Wide Web. These contents are written by good writers and bloggers. However, these content get lost in the big web space. Social content can just bring you in notice. Social websites are a great source to relate and link to your content. Updating and advertising on social sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Stumble upon can fetch more visitors. Offer your content to the world at a place that they can see it.

Be Different

Search engine optimization often defines your web behavior, but it is necessary that you change the way and apply the universal strategy. Try something different, don’t always follow your competitors because to have the best seo site you need to do something unique, different yet legal.
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Author Bio:
Grace Smith is a professional freelance writer that focuses mainly on Internet marketing for different businesses. She is also a blog marketing expert and is really into social media networking as well as link building. She enjoys helping people as a copywriter and marketer and is always excited about learning about a different niche industry.