9 Top SEO Mistakes to Stay Clear Of

top seo mistakesAlthough it belongs to the core of technical arena, Search Engine Optimization could be compared to an art form that needs to be perfected constantly. This is because, several techniques, methods and rules keep evolving in the field of SEO and it’s important to stay updated to make the most of this wonderful invention. A single mistake, no matter how small is capable of hindering your way to a better rank. Hence, the best way to go about it is to be aware of these mistakes and avoid them while optimizing your websites and blogs. In case your website is already optimized, it’s highly recommended to make sure it’s free of these mistakes. Listed below are some of the most common top SEO mistakes that you need to avoid:

1. Flash Website Designing

If you are planning to design a flash website and market the same, it’s a very bad idea in terms of SEO. This is because flash websites are least search engine friendly and its safe to say that search engine robots detest flash websites.

2. Unusual URLs

Stuffing your website with unusual URLs that have string, query or several numbers is not advisable. If you have already done that, it’s a clear indication that you need to make changes in your website. URLs should be easily decipherable to both humans and search engine robots.

3. Surplus Scripts

Say a BIG ‘NO’ to using more than necessary javascripts and css in the website. This would without doubt stop your website from getting indexed.

4. Posting Duplicate Website Contents

It’s an unethical practice to populate your website with contents of other website. Not only would the ranking be affected due to this practice, but you could also face some serious legal issues due to plagiarism.

5. Using Submission Software for Backlinks and Bookmarks

It’s become a common practice to take the help of automated submission software and other software like bookmarking software. Although this helps in generating a large number of backlinks, it doesn’t help in improving the ranking anymore. There are chances for the website to get banned by using this method.

6. Focusing on Irrelevant Keywords

Although some keywords have a heavy competition, they could be of very low search value. Targeting on such keywords and stuffing the contents with such keywords would not be of any help.

7. Overlooking Title Tags

The first focus of search engines is to read title tags of pages. Hence, give the necessary attention to title tags to get quickly indexed.

8. Overlooking H1/H2 Tags

It’s important to make sure that H1 and H2 tags are relevant to the website content. The H1 tag must contain or be related to the targeted keywords and the H2 tag should be in such a manner that it explains these keywords well.

9. Excessive Backlinks

It’s a misconception that greater the number of backlinks, more famous is the website. It’s not true. Created unlimited backlinks with websites unrelated to your business or content would severely affect the ranking.

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