XFR Financial Ltd Recommends Best iPhone Forex Apps

You can find over one million app in iPhone application store. Some of the apps like HEIC to JPG converter, Drop box, Google Maps  are very useful for each and every iPhone user. It is also loaded with several forex and finance apps. Many of them come free but you need to pay for others, as they are worth the money you spend. But we can’t generalize that paid variety is superior to free one. You’ll need to find out which applications prove more helpful for your style of forex trading. It depends on what kind of features you are looking for, such as trading, user interface, and real time Forex data or training and signals. Some of the top applications that you’ll find helpful while trading through XFR Financial Ltd are mentioned here:Best iPhone Forex AppsBloomberg

This is among the best sites for financial news the world over, which provides an assurance that any forex application they offer comes with the latest forex and true news relating forex. It delivers latest market news straight onto your mobile device. They are an authority in the world of finance. Undoubtedly, this is excellent for remaining in touch with the latest forex news and the best thing is that it’s free!

Oanda FxTrade

If we think of the best mobile app as far as simplicity of use is concerned, Onada is surely the one. Its black outline makes it extremely convenient to locate market chart you may be looking for trading. You can easily connect it to your existing account with Onada. It is best to utilize demo account it offers for it comes with unlimited expiry period. It allows you to make stop losses plus profit targets and make use of different time frames on screen.


Here’s one more free application for iPhone. Though it doesn’t present any trading utility, it comes with a first class representation of forex pairs plus their movements. You can always keep yourself informed of the goings on of the market and remain informed of the newest forex trends.

Xtrade by XFR Financial Ltd

By now it’s a preferred forex application for desktop users. Now, it has come with the desktop edition for iPhone. XFR Financial Ltd provides nearly everything available in this app which forex traders may require for efficient trading.

iCurrency Plus

You get two version of this app, including free and paid. Again, it doesn’t offer any trading facility but it amazingly presents graphs along with price information of over one hundred currencies from across the world. You can easily see how different currencies are performing and where are they heading. Such information is of enormous help to forex traders.

It offers facilities of changing currencies as well time frames instantly. You can very easily check conversion amounts on using this app. In case of any major adjustment in the currency that you are keeping track of, XFR Finance Ltd sends you a notification on that account.