Work Smarter Not Harder: Car Maintenance & Repair Tips On A Budget

Maintaining the family vehicle can be a challenge when you’re living on a limited budget. The economy isn’t in its finest condition, and poverty is a hurdle for millions of people all around the world. It helps to arm yourself with knowledge.

If you’re not the richest family on the block, you’ll have to get crafty when it comes time to do work on the car.  Especially if you don’t live near public transportation, your vehicle is likely a crucial part of your family’s survival.  

Read through and consider some of these suggestions for cutting costs on car maintenance and repair, so you don’t break the bank.  

Get Your Car Insured

Most vehicle maintenance can be done at home

There are several regular maintenance actions you can do all by yourself on your vehicle.  You may be a bit intimidated by getting your hands dirty and going under the hood of your car, but you can handle the challenge.  Here are a few of the easiest maintenance tasks that can be done at home.  

  • Changing your vehicle’s air filter will take you five minutes.
  • Changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle takes less than an hour.
  • Replace your windshield wipers.
  • It’s easy to change most vehicle’s spark plugs.
  • Be sure to keep the battery posts clear of buildup.

A quick search on Google or YouTube will produce distinct instructions on how to perform all of these actions without paying for a mechanic.  

Engine failure can be devastating

When your vehicle’s engine fails, it can seem like a dead end road.  You may think your vehicle is done, but don’t count your losses too soon.  Try the route of refurbishing or rebuilding your engine, before you spend even more purchasing a whole new vehicle.    

The difference in cost will allow your family the freedom to continue on with life as usual quicker, and keep you from racking up a huge debt/monthly payment.  

Don’t ignore what your vehicle is telling you

If you’re driving down the road hearing a relentless sound from your vehicle, do not cope with the situation by turning up the radio.  You can’t ignore the signs your vehicle is giving you that it may need maintenance.  If there’s an indicator light on, explore it.

Find a trusted mechanic

When your vehicle does need to spend time in the “shop,” you want to know that you’re not getting ripped off.  There are too many mechanics in business who love to tell you whatever they can to make you spend a little more money.  Dig deep, and find a mechanic you feel you can trust on a human to human level.