Why You Should Use Explainer Videos in Your Blog Content

Explainer videos help you achieve the best results in your blogging career. In fact, the importance of this kind of videos – the animated explainer videos were treated to be quite unimportant just a few years ago. The times have changed, and bloggers now understand the essence that an explainer video carries in making your blogging business a huge success.Explainer Videos in Your Blog Content

However, if you are one of those who is not yet convinced enough, here are a few reasons that should help you understand the essence of the explainer videos in your blogs.

What You See Is More Beneficial Than What You Read

According to Talent Development Association, it has something to do with science. Just around 20 to 25 percent of people remember what they read, and this number further reduces to 10 per cent when it comes to remembering something you have heard. The science clearly stats that the visual information is absorbed 60,000 times better than the text format. That is exactly what makes images and videos more essential in improving your conversion rates.

Better Google Search Results

Explainer videos help you make your content more visible to the search engines. Websites and blogs that have videos are known to be fetched 50 times more than the ones that come with plain text. A video thumbnail introduced into your blog would attract more readers. The videos or video thumbnails are expected to help you improve your chances of being clicked by over 40 per cent. If you are into an online business, an explainer video would be helpful in improving your sales further ahead. But, ensure that the explainer videos you have created are more professional in nature. If you aren’t a professional yourself, you may opt for using a professional video maker tool like mysimpleshow for creating a perfect video. It gives you visuals you can use based on your script and it is fast and easy to use.

They Are Sharable

The blog content with the video should be an excellent option for most of the readers to share them. If you want to share your creations with the world around, videos should be a great choice for your needs. This can indeed go a long way in making your content really wonderful enough. In fact, the online video creation tools should are very helpful in helping you pitch your business in a perfect manner.

It Is a Tried And Tested Option

Videos, the explainer videos especially,  have been one of the best, tried and tested formula for enhanced pitching of your business. Do you know that Dropbox could achieve success simply because of the explainer video on its landing page? The video campaign in 2011 was so successful that it could get a subscriber base of more than 750,000 in just a month! It should be noted that the actual functionality of the software has nothing to do with the explainer videos, but still, it could achieve success just because of the explainer video that it opted for on its landing page. That should explain the importance of the explainer videos and their importance on your conversion performance.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, those were just a few reasons that should have, by now, convinced you to go with the explainer videos in your blogs and thus fetch the beneficial results that they tend to offer you. The best part that an explainer video can achieve would be to simplify the complicated tasks and make these concepts easy to understand. Once you are able to achieve the feat, you do not need to worry about boosting your sales. The explainer video can be an excellent option to help you explain the features of the product to your customers and convince them to choose them.