Why Customer Demographics Matters For The 21st Century Marketers?

The 21st-century marketers know this best- your customers want a personalized message. If you can single out your audience in an overcrowded market, your marketing job is half done.Customer demographics matters

You become a proficient and efficient marketer when you know your customer’s behavior and interest. That’s where customer demographics come in. It helps you pinpoint your customers based on their present and future needs.

What Makes Customer Demographics a Powerful Marketing Approach?

The short answer is; it segments your target audience based on unique identities and metrics that are trackable and measurable.

You can separate your customers based on interest, gender, age, level of education, location, marital status, income, lifestyle, online behavior, religion, value, etc. The possibility is limitless.

But what do your business has to gain in accessing the statistical characteristics of your market? Let’s find out.

Streamline Your Marketing Effort

Every business and industry has different target customers and marketing approaches. Having enough information about your customers allows you to focus on a specific audience.

You won’t have to send a marketing message to a million people when your customer identifiers cover a thousand audience.

For example, say you are a local SEO agency, you will want to know local business owners who get their traffic online. You may also be interested in knowing those who have used a local SEO service in the past. So you can target them with your marketing messages.

Save Big on Marketing Cost

Until recent years, businesses rely on mass marketing- via media like TV commercials, radio, and newspapers advertising. In the past, they try to make as many people as possible aware of the products. It wasn’t targeting a specific group of people who are most likely to make a purchase. The disadvantage of this approach wasn’t obscure. But there were no alternatives.

Then, companies spend bogus amounts to reach people with no guarantees that anyone in that audience will pick interest in the product pitched to them. This non-cost-effective approach is obsolete today, thanks to demographics studies. Marketers can now get hyper-specific with their target audience.

Get Higher Rate of Engagement

There’s one way to get customers to interact with your content in a mixed-up digital space; send customer-specific messages. The internet space is already overloaded with information, every brand needs a way to get to their ideal audience. With customer demographics, you will be able to send out what interests your audience and you can expect them to take action.

Let’s say you run a puppy toy store. There’s no point sending marketing messages all and sundry. You need to target only puppy owners who are most likely in the market for dog toys. That’s a guaranteed way to higher engagement.

Customer Segmentation and Personalization is Possible

There’s no more one size fits all marketing approach. Modern marketers have woken up to the reality and benefit of segmenting customers and campaigns. Email marketing is one space where content segmentation and personalization have become a mainstay.

According to a recent study, personalized emails have an almost 20% higher open rate than generic messages. Customers feel emotional when they see messages that are custom-made for them. They quickly key in and are bound to respond.

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Demographics offers great opportunities for businesses. At the least, it allows you to pick the ideal customers for your products and services. On top of that, you save time, cost, and money. Plus, you don’t need to do it yourself. You can reach out to experts to get all the data you need.