What to Look For in a Bin Lifter

Bin lifting equipment is essential for the safe and effective operation of a refuse collection service. The right bin lifter helps maintain high standards of safety and makes it easier for operators to do their jobs. There is always risk involved in tipping a bin into the back of a vehicle but using the correct bin lifting equipment minimises this threat. The right lifter also makes the process more efficient, thereby saving money.Bin Lifting

So, how do you select the correct bin lifter? How do you make sure it is suitable for your needs? Here’s what to look for in this vital piece of equipment.

6 Best Things You Should Look For In A Bin Lifter

Accurate Size and Strength Capabilities

Think about what you need to lift. The key to selecting the right bin lifter is deciding how heavy the bins will be and what size they are. Different bin lifters handle weights up to 500 kilogrammes and various volumes of bins. The best bin lifter for your needs depends on the type of heavy lifting you need to carry out. Look for hydraulic units that offer straightforward tipping as well as general lifting capabilities. It is very important to accurately assess your weight and volume requirements as this will affect the day to day success of your waste removal operation.

Suitability for Your Tipping Requirements

Asses how many times you will need to tip bins in one day. Some bin lifters provide an integrated power mode that helps lift heavier loads without a lot of strain from operators. This option is ideal for high volumes of lifting and when you need to tip many bins.

Matches Your Bin Size

Choose the right bin lifter based on how well it matches the size of your bins. Individual specifications vary and you can tailor your bin lifter to match the height and width of your bins. This provides a seamless waste removal capability and results in a lower risk of injury or mismanagement of waste. You can click here to request an on-site inspection for the correct dimensions and on the same day, they will have the waste bin delivered to your place.

Provides Easy and Safe Access

You should also consider the work area you need for the safe operation of the bin lifter and refuse collection vehicle. There are bin lifters available that work in a more confined space, which is ideal for narrow roads or places with many pedestrians. Also, consider the height clearance you need to manage your bin lifting and tipping.

Fuel Efficiency

The best trucks for bin lifters have excellent fuel efficiency. When you need to save money over the long and short term, fuel economy is essential. Look for a lifter that can be fitted to an economical vehicle. You should also consider the economy of the lifter itself. How easy is it to operate without excessive noise or energy levels?

Extra Bin Lifter Features

Additional features for the effective bin lifter include programmable bump bars, integrated LED lights, low-weight and high-strength materials, low mount depth, and ergonomic capabilities for loading. Combine these features in your ideal bin lifter for the ultimate in waste management technology.