Ways to Enjoy Art Without Having to Pay Big Money

Everyone enjoys art in different ways, but everyone benefits from what art brings to the table. It’s always different, it never has to be defined-it just is. Whatever makes you happy, however your express yourself, that is your art.

enjoy art without paying big moneyIf you’re an artist, however, it can be hard to make money. Most artists are forced to have secondary occupations to bring in the bread. While everyone wants to experience art for free, it isn’t necessarily fair to those who have worked so hard and invested so much of themselves into their work. All artists want you to enjoy what it is they have done-each art just comes with a different price tag.

While you should always pay for your music and stop asking artists friends for “favors”, here are some ways you can enjoy art without paying a lot of money for it.

Attend the Theater as a Volunteer

Theatre is an artform enjoyed by many but it is also an art form that costs a lot of money to put on and to attend. The average broadway musical costs somewhere in the ballpark of 10 million dollars to put on. Any smaller theater that isn’t broadway won’t be putting that much into a show, but one can still estimate that the minimum cost of a musical is going to be between $10,000-$30,000. That’s a conservative estimate.

With this being said, it’s an artform that you shouldn’t miss out on due to the hefty ticket prices. Volunteer your services as an usher or concessions manager and you could see a show for free. Service for service doesn’t hurt anyone and you get to experience something really special.

Visit an Exhibition or Art Gallery

Another way to enjoy art without having to pay a lot of money is by attending an exhibition at a museum or by going and viewing art at a gallery like Park West Gallery. Exhibitions and art galleries are the perfect places to see a wide variety of art and creative history without extending your wallet. You could spend days, months and years exploring museums like the Louvre, and galleries in and close to the area that you live.

Most galleries are free admission and many museums are suggested donation in large cities, You can also go on days where specials are being offered. In addition to this, many museums and galleries offer online access to their collections. It’s the perfect way to enjoy art without paying a cent.

There are times where art can be expensive to partake in, but the reason is because too many people take it for granted. People want you to enjoy the art they’re offering the world, but they also need to make a living doing what they’re doing. Be mindful of the art you’re taking in, and pay money where payment is due. It doesn’t have to be a lot.