Ways to Save Money with Muay Thai program

Going to Thailand on a holiday is usually the most preferred choice; however, it could come as quite the hefty experience on the financial side of things. It’s easy to find yourself in a tight spot thus it is important to realize and be aware of different methods of how to save money while training Muay Thai.

Some of the pieces of advice we’ll provide you with are quite easy to follow, while others are on the other side of the spectrum and it’s indeed up to you to decide which would suit you the best. Just make sure to take the necessary steps to get yourself back on your feet and fix the budget holes restricting you from efficiently taking on a Muay Thai training camp. The longer you would be staying in Thailand, the more sacrifices you would have to make along the way; however, it is all going to be worth it in the end.

1. Go to Thailand During the Off Season

First and most importantly, Thailand has become one of the world’s best vacation destinations, thus the costs of life might greatly vary depending on the months you’re staying. The low season is between April and September as that’s when the weather is “worst”. The price for rentals, food and etc. are at their lowest point and it would be much easier to negotiate a cheaper rent, as most of the apartments are empty and the owners won’t have any leverage over you. It might strike you as odd, however even restaurants have different price lists during the off season, the same goes for public transport and cabs. All you have to do is negotiate the price. Naturally, since the demand for air tickets is low, they are cheaper as well.

2. Pick a Suitable Gym

You’ve gone to Thailand to train Muay Thai, however many of the Thai gyms are simply overpriced for the accommodations they’re offering. The price mainly varies because of the location of the gym. As you’ve gone there to become a Muay Thai expert during a training camp, you might as well rent a gym which is a few miles away, but coming at a lower price. This will even allow you to include a cardio session early in the morning, as you’re going to the gym. It’s quite important to realize that regardless of the time you’re going to spend in Thailand training Muay Thai, you will always be treated as a tourist, thus you will always be overcharged compared to the local population.

3. Make Local Friends

With the latter in mind, you should definitely befriend a Thai local person, so he would be able to negotiate prices for you.

Save Money with Muay Thai programYou could even start sharing accommodations together. Muay Thai is a good way to make friends, and that could result into saving money in the long run. Utilize all of the above, in order to optimize your time in Thailand.