VoIP Phones from the Best Brands

VoIP has become the future of all business communications taking ventures to the next level in no time. An IP phone or VoIP phone relies on VoIP technology to call via a digital signal over the internet. This is something different than the usual calls you make. It ensures to offer better agility, connectivity, and mobility to companies who rely on sales calls and communications.Best VOIP phones

This is a prominent reason why many ventures have ditched the concept of traditional landlines often used in the business world earlier. Now is the time for VoIP phone systems to make new statements in the marketplace.

When it comes to accessing VoIP phone systems, businesses can opt for a softphone installed on a preferred device type to make seamless phone calls using the internet. Here, you may require a dedicated hardware system that comes with additional benefits. A business expecting to have the maximum out of the VoIP system should pay detailed attention to a few things, including –

  1. Price – Find out if the model of the VoIP phone selected is in your budget or not? You may get VoIP phones with basic functionalities at an affordable price, but you may need to spend some more when talking about customized or advanced features.
  2. Connectivity – Check the phone for connectivity reliability. Inspect the phone for cordless, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity the most. Plus, it would be great if your VoIP phone supports hands-free headsets for hassle-free communication. Moreover, this makes it possible to use a VoIP phone as a traditional smartphone.
  3. Service compatibility – Generally, most VoIP phones are easily compatible with the latest VoIP software. Still, it’s a good idea to check the model type and features of the chosen phone.

What are the best brands to prefer?

#1 – Grandstream – This VoIP brand has been providing the best business communication solutions since 2002 in collaboration with SIP Unified Communications. This makes it one of the preferred voip Phones distributors among all available in the marketplace. Grandstream’s VoIP phones allow ventures to be more productive while reducing the overall cost of the business. Its solutions are best recognized for improved security measures, enhanced result-orientation potential, and innovative technology-infused products.

#2 – Fanvil – A much-recommended name in the industry of VoIP phones with a significant market reach so far. They are globally known for their range of A&V-IoT devices. Currently, they have their R&D centers in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Suzhou. Talking about their range of sci-fi products includes door access machines, desk phones, VoIP systems, public address solutions, intercoms, and much more.

#3 Fortinet – It may interest you to know that Fortinet was recognized as the leader of this market in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure. The brand’s products are well-preferred as they are – flexible, well-secured, comes with self-healing potential, and much more.

The final takeaway –

Every business type wishes to introduce new methods of business communications in their organization to fasten up their processes and bring a matchless efficiency in the processes. That’s why VoIP phones are making recent highlights in the business world.