Top Tips for Designing the Best Label for Your Food Product

Competition among food products on the shelves will always be stiff, as you very well know. If you have been a producer and manufacturer of food products for some time, you will understand how important it is to have a label which can be clearly seen and easy to read yet attractive and eye-catching at the same time.

Labels can go a long way in marketing and promoting your food product; they can also give your customers crucial information about your product to help them make their buying decision in your favour. If you want your product label to stand out – and your food product to fly off the shelves – here’s a look at the top tips for designing the best label for your food product.Tips for Designing the Best Label

Tips for Designing the Best Label for Your Food Product

Keep It Clean And Simple

It’s best if you keep your design clean, simple, and clutter-free. The fonts and images you use should be clean and simple as well because if the design of your label is too ‘busy’ and has too many details, your customers can end up becoming confused. You don’t want customers trying to figure out what’s inside; they are liable to put your product down after only a few seconds. 

Make Wise Use Of Colours

If you want to catch your customers’ eye, then colours are vital. You have a particular window of opportunity to get customers to notice your products, and this only takes half a second. Your target audience is more likely to stop in their tracks if you attract them with a colour or colour combinations, but make sure to use colour in the proper way. Avoid colours that clash, and focus on using colours that can complement each other. You should also be consistent with your colours; if you are trying to communicate a flavour, then stick to a colour associated with it. For example, yellow goes with lemon and banana, while red goes with strawberry or raspberry and purple goes with grapes. You can also try taking advantage of a pop of colour, such as a bold colour against a white or black background – this can easily stand out.

Be Careful With Your Font Selection

Generic fonts may be all well and good in some cases, but when it comes to product labelling, you want something a bit more special. But there is a thin line between a special font and one that’s unreadable, too. Here’s another thing: make sure you don’t choose too many; stick with two so your label can be consistent. If you already have a font for your brand, then stick with this as well. The fonts you choose should also be of a good size, so make sure your customers can read it, as confirmed by experienced labelling machine manufacturers such as Atwell Labellers.

Pay Attention To The Shape

If your bottle or container has an unusual shape, then it’s best to have a label that adheres to this shape as well. The shape of the label should fit the shape of your container. On the other hand, if you have a standard container, then you can go with a simple circle or rectangular shape for your label.

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