Top Interview Questions and How To Answer Them

Accounting and finance recruiters are in place to find the best viable candidate for their clients. To find that person, they must ask a series of accounting specific questions which will help them to determine if a person is knowledgeable and right for the accounting or finance position.Top Interview Questions

Whether you are interviewing with finance recruiters in San Francisco or accounting recruiters in Chicago, these are the top interview questions asked to candidates and the best responses.

  1. Q: What Knowledge Do You Have Of Accounting Standards?

A: You should be able to answer this question with some level of knowledge about accounting standards. Identify which standard you have knowledge of such as international accounting standards or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and then delve deeper into the extent of that knowledge and how you stay current on that type of information.

  1. Q: In Your Previous Jobs Have You Used Any Accounting Applications?

A: In today’s digital environment, it is important that even though you might not have used, but you should be aware of the trending applications. Research on the new applications and during the interview, mention that although the previous jobs did not require these application, but if need arises you can use them.

  1. Q: Describe a Time When You Helped To Reduce Cost?

A: This question is EXTREMELY important to employers. Anybody applying for an accountant position should be able to answer this question. The best way to answer is by describing a time where you went above and beyond to find a solution that benefited the company financially or a time you yielded cost reduction results by using your diligence or personal innovation.

  1. Q: In Your Work, How Do You Minimize The Risk Of Errors?

A: Most employers understand human error, but they want to know how you are going to rectify that human error. Describe times you have caught errors through your own double-checking system, or through an established system of checks and balances you created or that was already in place.

  1. Q: How Do You Explain Complex Accounting Issues to Someone Who Lacks Accounting Knowledge?

A: Use an example of a time you had to adjust your communication style, and demonstrate to them your ability to effectively and clearly communicate on different levels.

  1. Q: Why Are You Interested In Working With Our Organization?

A:  This question evaluates your reason behind selecting the company. Based on your reply, the recruiter can gauge your passion and your knowledge about the culture, goals and values of the organization. Answer this question with excitement. You could express how much you admire the organization and your ambition to be a part of the company.

  1. Q: What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

A: The intension behind this question is to gauge your honesty. While you might talk a lot about your strengths, it is important to highlight your weakness and also mention the steps that you are taking to challenge your weakness. Do not be very idealistic, try being honest. For instance as an accountant, you could say that ‘my communication skills are not that great, but am trying to work on it.’

Your reply would speak a lot about your character.

These are few obvious questions that are common for any interview. Studying these questions and answers can help to get you through the interview process and into a position. However at the end all that matters is your attitude, do not go with a baggage, carry your smile and take it as a new learning experience.