Top 6 Games You Can Play When You are Bored to Death

People are just about to finish their year-end exams and get started with their summer vacations. You are always engaged in something or the other when in school or college but not a thing during the vacations. With boring vacations coming into the play, fret not as we have got you covered. Apart from some outings and trekking, we have listed top 6 games that will make you want to stick at home all day (that not you should).

Following are the games, which are available for Windows PC, iOS devices or Android devices. We have only listed action and strategy games that will keep you involved both physically and mentally.

1) GTA V

This game earned more than one billion dollars within 24 hours of its launch. With that off-the-charts statistics, you can imagine how popular and amazing this game would be. This game is available for Windows PC, PlayStation and Xbox at an average of $59.99, depending on your gaming console.

Note: Make sure you have high configuration PC or this game would make it further boring.

2) Candy Crush

We need not really mention this iOS and Android game, as most of you would know about this puzzle game. It was included in top 10 iOS games in the month of June 2013. Candy Crush is a puzzle type game available in iOS and Android app store for free. However, it offers in-app purchases.

3) Cheeky Bingo

Offered by, this game is available on both Facebook as well as iOS. There are various ways you can play this game. You can play 75-ball bingo with upto 4 bingo cards. The fun never ends with Cheeky Bingo; this bingo game is sure to keep you hooked for quite some time.

4) Infinity Blade 3

This app has won Apple best design award, most sold iOS game ever award and many other awards by Apple. It has two previous iterations with similar awards. This game is available only for iOS users and costs around $7.99 for this version. This game is so intense that you will definitely be out of boredom.

Note: It offers in-app purchases and battery gets drained pretty fast.

5) Flappy Bird

Well, one of the most downloaded games in 2013, this game gained quite a limelight when its developer removed it from Apple store. The only reason was, people were getting too addicted to it. Yes, the game is so addictive that you will feel like taking your phone even in the bathroom. This game is available for Android as of now, but the developer claims he is planning on re-adding it on iOS app store.

Note: This is a free but extremely addictive game so beware.

6) Fifa 2014

With Fifa world cup approaching soon, Fifa 2014 game sure will be on everyone’s download list. This strategy game will keep you engaged all the day and you will never feel bored in your entire summer vacations. Fifa 2014 is available for Windows PC and other gaming consoles.

Your Call

If you are planning on playing all the above mentioned games, your boredom is never going to see a light of day as you will be heavily engaged in these amazing games and make you never want to leave your house. Let us know if the above games make you excited when you are bored to death, in the comments below.