Top 5 video Editor

Video editing is an essential procedure in post-production process. During this process, the editor rearranges and removes various video clips, applies color corrections, ensures perfect transition between clips, removes unwanted footage and adds a desirable footage, creates flow and adds best music and graphic effects amongst others. It really requires someone who’s not only professional but also creative and has passion in video editing.
top 5 video editorWith videos forming an integral part of entertainment, there has been an increase in the number of editors in every corner of the globe with most of them trying to reach their customers through the internet. This process has gone through a great deal of metamorphosis more so with the era of computers and video editing software. Video editing software is a handy tool but choosing an efficacious one can be very challenging. A video editor will determine whether you final product will be worthwhile or not.

There are a number of factors an individual must consider before buying the software. Of course there the open source and proprietary software. There are also the trial versions. A number of factors must be considered to be able to edit videos efficiently. These include the quality, reliability, affordability and compatibility of the video editor. Some of the top notch sofware use to edit videos include:

1. Aimersoft video editor
This software has gained popularity in video editing industry due to a number of reasons which include:
Flexibility; it supported by Windows and iOS besides supporting various file formats such as those from videos, images and audio file formats. It also gives its users an option to save files in the format they prefer after doing the editing. 
Easy-to Use; you can edit videos by simply dragging and dropping them on the software. Getting HD videos is also very simple.
Quality; unlike most converters where the better part of information of is lost during the conversion process, with Aimersoft video editor, there’s zero quality loss.

2. iMovie
It also has the drag and drop interface making the entire editing process simpler. It comes with almost every Mac. Incorporating soundtracks, tiles and other effects is also very simple. Moreover, you can easily upload your favorite video files to You Tube or burn them on a CD without much hustle. However, the existing versions are only supported by the iOS.

3. Adobe Premier Pro
Another popular software by the Adobe Creative Suite. Mostly, Adobe the pro version goes at $820 while its elements can be acquired for as low as $100. This video editing software comes with a wide range of merits which is incomparable to its cost.
Compatibility; its compatible with both iOS and Windows which has been a reason for its popularity. It also supports a wide number of video formats and it comes with an automatic color and image correction.

4.  Sony Vegas Pro
This software also has the ability to produce HD videos, Blu-ray disc authoring and multi-camera video editing besides supporting various video and audio file formats. It has the drag and drop interface which makes it easier to use. Most Sony Vegas Pro which are available are supported by Windows which is a major limit though it’s affordable.
These are just some of the most common types of tools use to edit videos. Always shop around for the best tool which can serve you best before purchase.

5. AVID Media Composer
It’s a popular tool in video editing industry and it’s compatible with both Windows and iOS. AVID is one of the most expensive video converters which goes for as high as $2500. It has the capability to handle large volume of work and it can make the final product be as professional as possible. AVID has been used to edit and produce very many TV programs and films.