The Top 5 Most Brilliant Promotional Item Ideas

Promotional items are branded gift items that contain the company name and logo and are one of the oldest advertising and marketing techniques in the world. Everyone loves freebies but what really matters is the thought and consideration that you put in making the promotional items before gifting them to your employees, vendors, clients and customers. Here are the top 5 most brilliant promotional item ideas that are a sure-fire way of promoting your brand;

1. Drawstring Bagsdrawing bags

Drawstring bags are thoughtful gifts which you can give to your employees and work well as a promotional item for all sorts of brands and industries. These bags are quite regularly used as a promotional item. It allows you to print the logo of your company on the bag to promote charity organizations, brands and other industries. So, if flyers and leaflets are not making an impact on sales, try to incorporate drawstring bags into your marketing strategy to boost your sales. As these bags can be used continually for a number of purposes, chances are that recipient and all those who look at the bag view your company as a market leader.

2. Branded USB

branded usbUSB flash drives have become an electronic staple. The overwhelming increase of USB flash drives as a digital data storage and transferring medium has also made its mark on different marketing strategies. Therefore, promotionally branded USBs are also a great way to reiterate a positive image of your company amongst its employees. Business promotion through custom USB flash drives is not just a great gift item but is also an efficient way to create brand familiarization amongst the masses. These flash drives come in numerous shapes, sizes and data capacities. Albeit rather miniature, these devices immediately capture the attention of the recipients and the ones who interact with the user.

3. Clothes and other Clothing Accessories

clothesAnother promotional item that can be gifted to people is branded clothing and clothing accessories such as T-shirts, caps and promotional headbands to name a few. All of these items are quite generic to any industry but since these last for a long time, they contribute to cement the brand name in the memory of everyone who interacts with these products. So, if you want to create a strong influence amongst the people, promotional clothing items are your go to option as one of the best marketing tactics.

4. Stress Balls

stress ballsMalleable stress balls are also a great promotional item to gift to your employees. It shows that you understand coming to work every day and working efficiently is not as easier said than done. Stress balls are an absolutely brilliant promotional item to gift to teachers and professionals from all walks of life.

5. Desk Organizers and Stationery Itemsdesk organizers

Stationery items and desk organizers are an essential for every professional. These generic promotional items are used by pharmaceuticals, FMCGs, hospitals, schools, hotels and all sorts of businesses to promote their brand name. The recipients will definitely appreciate you for gifting these items to them.