Top 4 Mid-Life Crisis Purchases

We’ve all heard of the infamous mid-life crisis.  When a person reaches the “middle” of their life and suddenly has an existential crisis, feeling out of touch with their youth and desperately seek to reconnect with their exciting side making some seriously impulsive decisions in the process.mid-life crisisThis is actually quite a common occurrence and happens to both males and females.  Here are some of the most common purchases people tend to make when they reach that all too common midlife crisis.

Plastic Surgery

As we get past our 20’s and 30’s our bodies start to change.  That plumpness in our cheeks is gone.  The flat stomach that once allowed you to put anything in it is now soft and pudgy.  After having a couple of kids your breasts might have gotten hit with a little extra gravity.  Life happens to our bodies over the years and we wear our experiences on our skin.

Because of the common obsession with youth in our society, people exiting their 30’s or 40’s can have a moment of panic and decide to get plastic surgery done in order to preserve their good looks which they perceive as slipping through their hands.

Sometimes plastic surgery can be a great self-esteem boost, and a fun treat to give yourself.  However sometimes it can also be a botched disaster, so it’s never something you want to take lightly.  Instead of making a decision based on an impulse, make a decision based on carefully weighing out all the facts.

A Sports Car

We’ve all seen the scenes in movies where the husband going through the mid-life crisis pulls into his driveway in a brand new overpriced sports car to his wife’s horror. Yet, reality isn’t that far off from fiction.

The majority of sports car owners are males between the ages of 45-50 years old.  This doesn’t come as a surprise when you factor in the old mid-life crisis and how it falls commonly right about that age.

A Vacation

Often, people who are going through some kind of spiritual or personal revelation will get the urge to pack their bags and just take off and explore the world.

People who enter a mid-life crisis may be facing feelings of not having lived enough in their life, and have an urge to get out and explore and create in ways they never did before.

Therefore it is not uncommon for people going through this experience to buy a plane ticket for an adventure to somewhere they’ve never been before.

A Tattoo

Tattoos are the ultimate symbol of rebellion and anti-conformity. Since these are common themes in the mid-life crisis, tattoos are popular amongst people going through it.  Don’t be surprised as you see more and more popping up as tattoos get more popular.