Top 2 Apps To Read Text Messages From Other Phones Secretly

For the generation today, the spying apps are a blessing. You can derive with every information from some other devices without even touching them. You have landed at the right place free apps to visit Text Messages From Other Phones Secretly

The following is the complete guide that will help you choosing the app and invest in the same with the correct manufacturer. Today we have compiled a list of 2 of the ideal apps and have summarized them on the aspects of its features, compatibility as well as the price that is involved.

  1. XNSPY

This is the best choice you will be making when you are planning to get one of such apps. They come in with the basic and the most rapidly approaching spying features and is also very user-friendly. You can track on remote basis every outgoing and incoming messages on both iOS and Android with this app. You can also check the name and the type of the sender viewing the time as well as the date stamps. The users can also get onto certain words to get the notification whenever those words are used in every message conversations in this app here. You need not have to go through the trouble of the longer text messages.

Features involved:

  • You can now monitor the calls and even messages
  • Track onto the location of GPS
  • Go through the emails and go through online services
  • Monitor the phone calls along with the surroundings
  • Accessing instant chats in messenger
  • Controlling the device remotely
  • Viewing the photos, videos as well as the calendar entries
  • Setting the alerts


This app is suitable with both the Android and iOS. For iPhone this app contains two versions and they are Jailbreak and No Jailbreak. The compatibility chart can also be checked online.

Price involved

You will come across two options for Xnspy. The initial edition will come at $9W a month and the Premium edition will come at $14 each month. Apart of all, you will also get the option for every subscription.

  1. TrackMyFone

The other great text messaging spying app for Android and iOS is TrackMyFone. Through the online control panel without even risking the added touch device you can now read every sent and received message online remotely. You will also be able to view the names as well as the contact numbers irrespective of all. You can also set the alerts for certain words and even contact and get notified about the same if you want to avoid the trouble of reading every text messages.


  • Monitor the calls
  • Monitor the text messages
  • Check out the photos
  • Add alerts for watchlist
  • View the internet history
  • Track on the location and geo-fencing can be applies
  • WhatsApp, Facebook Social network chat monitoring.


This app is suitable with both the Android and iPhone but disregarding the jailbreak option. The compatibility chart can also be viewed online.

Price involved

You will come across two options for TrackMyFone. The android one comes at $5.83 a month and iPhone No Jailbreak version will cost you $6.25. You will also find subscription plans.