The Secret to Not Wasting Money on Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those things that are easy to lose, break, bend, or fall out of love with. They’re also one of those things that are so easy to impulse buy at the department store. You’re on your way to check out with your cute new pants and 7 shirts and you just so happen to have to meander through the jewelry to see if anything is on sale, but also because the marketing experts know you and know that you can’t resist grabbing things last minute, you’re forced to walk by them on the way to checkout.Not Wasting Money on Sunglasses

This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing. Sunglasses are accessories that are necessary to have. They’re especially necessary when you have so many different outfits that have to have matching sunglasses. What happens often in this case, however, is that you might throw anywhere from $10-$50 dollars worth of glasses in the cart, and since they’re probably cheaply made and you have bad habits, you’ll be back in a week to buy more because you’ve either lost or broken the 5 pair you just bought.

If you’re tired of wasting money on sunglasses, here are some things you can do:

Buy the Best Ones

If you’re tired of spending money on flimsy sunglasses, it might be worth it to you to just invest a little bit more money into a pair that is the best on the market. Think sturdy, cute, well made, stylish, and everything else you could ask for. If you pay attention to quality and stop yourself from impulse buying at the checkout, you’ll have more money to front a great pair and they’ll be guaranteed to last longer, anyways.

Carry A Case

A huge factor to sunglasses getting bent, broken, having a lens pop out, or losing them all together is because you throw them around, you set them on your car seat, you throw them in your purse, you set them on the sandy beach, and you’re basically really hard on them. It’s no wonder your sunglasses get beat up so quickly.

To solve this problem easiest, just carry a case with you. Whenever you’re not wearing your glasses, stick them in the case. You’ll never have somebody sit on them, they won’t get broken in your purse, and you’ll stop having to fork out money for replacements because they’ll last.

Hide Them If Expensive

Expensive sunglasses are always a hot item for theft, so if you own a pair, you’re going to have to be careful and really keep an eye on them. When you’re not physically wearing them, hide them some place out of sight and don’t have a case that shouts the brand and makes wandering eyes catch a gander. If you buy quality, you carry a case, and you keep them safe from quick hands, you’ll never waste money on sunglasses again.