The Most Expensive Loose Diamonds in the World

loose diamondsVihari Sheth, managing director of Vihari Jewels, states that 5- to 20-carat diamonds are selling very quickly in Singapore. People buy loose diamond pieces because they consider the gems to have great investment potential by providing consistent and stable returns, explains Mykolas Rambus, CEO of Singapore-based Wealth-X.

Here is the list of the most expensive diamonds people choose as their investment assets.

  • The 110-carat Yellow Dragon diamond has recently been showcased in Singapore, a growing diamond market which has the potential to be “on par with more developed gem markets within a decade”, according to Vihari Sheth. The famous diamond was valued at $11 million to $ 15 million.
  • The world-known Chopard blue diamond is one of the most expensive diamonds of all time. The 9-carat oval-shaped blue diamond was used to create the Chopard ring together with two large side diamonds.  The Chopard blue diamond was sold for $16.26 million when recently up for an auction.
  • Not only blue diamonds are the most expensive. The Moussaieff Red diamond – the 5.11-carat Fancy Red diamond in a unique trillion cut – is stated to be valued at $7 million by the GIA.
  • Only a few blue diamonds have been applied with the colour grade Fancy Vivid Blue by the GIA and the Heart of Eternity diamond was one of the few. Due to the gem’s unusual cut, rare colour and incredible size, it is one of the most valuable gems in the world. The diamond belongs to De Beers and is believed to be worth $16 million.
  • The Graff pink diamond featuring a subtle yet rosy pink hue belongs to the Graff estate since 2010. It was sold for $46 million at an auction being named one of the most unique collectibles the world over.
  • The Steinmetz Pink diamond was estimated at $25 million at a special ceremony celebrating the gem’s final cut. The diamond weighs 59.6 carats and has been rated a Fancy Vivid Pink by the GIA. It’s one of the largest and most valuable gems of that hue.
  • The 203.04-carat D colour Millennium Star diamond is pear-shaped and flawless, both internally and externally. The original size of the diamond was 777 carats and it took over three years to cut the gem. The market value of the diamond is unknown as it has never been sold.
  • The Centenary Diamond unveiled in 1991 is the most expensive diamond in the world today. The purchase price was not revealed but it’s said that the diamond was insured for $100 million. The D colour flawless diamond weighs 278.85 carats. It was exhibited as part of the De Beers centennial celebration before being sold to an anonymous buyer in 2008.

The list of the most expensive diamonds in the world can be continued. Use your chance to invest your money wisely.