The Most Common Issues with Your Air Conditioning System?

Now that it’s the summer, there’s no denying that temperatures are soaring – and we all do our best to get by, but we have to admit that being indoors with the AC running full blast is a blessed relief! But what would happen if your air conditioning system suddenly stops working or there’s no cool air coming out of the vents? For some of us, it’s happened before – and god forbid it happens again! So it pays to have a little knowledge of your AC system so that you know what to do – and whom to call – right away when something happens. But what problems are the most common in air conditioning systems, anyway? Here are the most common issues with AC systems – and how you can address them.Issue With air conditioning system

  • The Air Conditioner Runs Continuously

While it’s expected that the AC runs for a longer time, especially if the weather is warm, the unit or system should turn off during regular intervals. When it does that, the AC protects different crucial components and prevents your electricity bill from going over the top. But if you notice that your AC is running continuously without ‘downtime,’ this may be caused by a problem with the compressor, thermostat, filters, or other electrical components. You can turn off the fan for the thermostat to see if it can help turn the AC off – but if it doesn’t work, call a professional – such as the professionals from – who are trusted providers in Aurora, Illinois.

  • The Air Conditioner Won’t Produce Any Cool Air

It is another common issue with air conditioning units, and it happens in two ways –  the air conditioner is running, but there is no air from the ducts, or there is some air coming out of the ducts, but it is not cool. The good news is that most times, it is just caused by a circuit breaker tripping, but it can also be that you have a worn blower belt that needs replacing. In addition, your unit or system may also have low levels of refrigerant.

To avoid it, you must ensure to do regular tune-ups to your system. But to address the issue adequately, leave it to the experts – who will repair it and inspect your system for any pending issues.

  • The Air Conditioner Is Not Working/ Won’t Turn On

If your air conditioner isn’t working – meaning it’s not coming on at all – this could be due to a circuit breaker tripping. Another reason could be a thermostat that is faulty or just simple loose connections or wiring. When repairing the wiring or connections, it’s best not to do it yourself. Instead, call in the experts with the proper tools and equipment to diagnose and resolve the problem.

  • The Air Conditioner Blows Out Hot Air

Another common issue is if your AC is producing hot air rather than cool air, which could point to one of three things – your air filters are dirty, something is obstructing your air ducts, or the compressor is overheating due to debris. It could also mean that you have low refrigerant levels. The best thing to do would be to replace your filters every few months and schedule a cleaning (especially of the ducts). Also, before you add refrigerant, ask a professional to check for leaks.