The Jobs That Grew During the Pandemic

Although it was a period of immense uncertainty for all businesses, big and small, across the country, the last 24 months have seen some business sectors grow and expand in ways that could never have been foreseen. It is growth that has actually additionally been sustained and is expected to continue as the way of work itself has changed and developed. This article highlights some of these jobs or sectors that have ignored all presuppositions and seen real growth during the pandemic.Jobs grew during pandemic

IT Support

As the nature of worked changed the needs of business have also not stayed in the same place. One of the most significant changes has been where the hardware and software is required, and the nature of the hardware required by the hybrid and remote worker. This move to remote and hybrid ways of work have necessitated the increased need for IT support staff, many of these have also had to mobilize to provide support for the new remote and hybrid workers out there.

Cloud Infrastructure Technician

Most meetings, shared projects and almost all data and company information are now held in the cloud. The need to set up this infrastructure and to maintain it has become paramount for most of not all businesses. This was possible a change that we were going to see, regardless of the pandemic, but it was definitely hastened, and demand heightened by the ‘work from home’ requirements.

Remote Writing And Marketing

The remote writing and content production sectors have surged in size, and this is expected to see continued growth as the need for quality content, information, listicles, reviews and more on social media, websites and mobile apps increases. The realization emerged during the pandemic that remote work that was highly skilled and yet creative could be done in isolation from the team, with e-interaction and communication.

Driving And Logistics Jobs

Based in the huge increase in e-commerce and the number of products and services alike that are now available primarily on the ‘innerweb’, requires the delivery of the said items. It has been an unforeseen demand and across global supply chains there is a need for driving and last leg delivery personnel. One of major stumbling block in logistics has been finding  sufficient personnel for all the delivery driver jobs that are now available out there. Many have had to use delivery driver jobs boards, such as the great example at, where you are able to post jobs and find a suitable, professional driver for the specific load.

Home Care And Health Care

More people will live longer than ever before in human existence, and this is exerting immense pressure on the already heavily burdened healthcare system. The result is heightened demand for healthcare workers and care for the elderly.

The jobs and career options mentioned in this article are those that have seen growth during a time of overall economic volatility. These are unusual economic times, and as such these are sectors and jobs worth keeping an eye on.