Solar Process: How Long Does Solar Installation Take?

Did you know that the cost of solar panels has dropped almost 70% in the last 7 years?

Thanks to the continual improvement of technology and favorable supply chain conditions, there has never been a better time to invest in solar power. solar process

You have likely heard about government incentives that make it even cheaper to install solar. Sounds like a perfect idea right?

Yes, but do you have the time to plan, arrange, and oversee a solar installation project in your home or workplace?

Why not check out our guide to the installation of solar power? You might be surprised how quickly you can arrange for and complete the installation.

Simply read on to find out more.

Your Solar Installation Service

The first fact that affects the timeline for your solar panel installation is the company that you work with.

Solar power has become so popular that companies in some locations are struggling to keep up with demand. It is good to choose a company with a number of crews that can perform multiple installations at a single time.

Be aware that the timing of the installation may impact the tax credits associated with these arrangements, so it is good to ensure that a company can act quickly.

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Local Permitting Authorities

While the solar installation companies may be prepared to act quickly, they are also subject to local authorities.

Before the installation can take place the solar company will need to apply for approval for the installation on your behalf. This could take up to a month depending on your location and the size of the installation you are planning for.

Following the installation, you will also need a representative of the local authority to come and check and approve the solar panels. This is because it is an electrical installation. They will need to approve your using this electrical system in your house and connecting it to the local grid.

While this takes time, your solar panel supplier can help, They will handle some paperwork on your behalf and provide guidance regarding parts of the process you will handle yourself.

Your Choice of Solar Panel System

Your home will have its own unique needs and will receive a unique amount of sunlight. If you are in a situation that requires a larger installation or one that needs custom parts, this could add to the time needed to prepare for installation.

The average rooftop installation will take a maximum of 3 days at an average cost of $20,000. However, as the size of the installation increases so does the time needed to fit it.

Communicate well with your solar panel installation company to get an accurate timeline of installation before work begins.

Solar Installation is Faster than You Think!

You may be juggling a busy schedule of full-time work, family, and side projects. How could you possibly find the time for a solar installation project in your home or workplace?

By teaming up with a professional company, you can ensure that you get all the financial benefits of solar power without losing valuable time.

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