email Tracking Extension Review

People who are into digital marketing know that one of the key elements of running a good email marketing campaign is proper email verification and email sending automation. However, no less important thing in every email campaign is email tracking.

In this article, we will review one of the best tools, Email Tracker, which traces any type of emails sent through Gmail or G Suite. The best part is that its tracking tool is absolutely free and is not limited at all. So, you can use it not only for business purposes but personal as tracking extension review

What can you do with email tracking tool?

As far as the Chrome browser is the most popular and used browser, tracker goes as a Chrome extension. So, you can simply go to the Chrome Web Store, search for Unlimited Email Tracker, and add the extension to the email tracking extension

1. Switch Gmail accounts and track both

Often, one has more than one Gmail accounts. Let’s say, one is for personal use, another is for business use, and another is for any other aims. Interestingly, one person might be running multiple email marketing campaigns through different email addresses. With the help of email tracker, this problem gets dissolved. You might have as many accounts as you wish all of them activated for tracking. You can also turn off tracking of a certain Gmail account whenever you want to.

2. Real-time email tracking result notifications

As far as notifications are concerned, the tool sends you a push notification as soon as someone whom you have sent the email, opens it or clicks the link attached in the email body. The notifications can be disabled if you don’t need this feature. By default, the notifications are not hidden automatically, but this can be changed.

3. Scheduling

If you are going on a vacation but have to send emails to the clients later, then this feature is your savior! You can schedule the emails sending according to your needs. Simply click the Message icon, set the day and the time, and the emails will be sent automatically.

4. Reminders

If it happens so that the email you’ve sent isn’t opened, the link inside it isn’t clicked, you get no reply within the set period of time, you will receive a reminding email with respective information. This way, you will be knowledgable of that information and will have the opportunity to send another email to that particular recipient.

5. Single email tracking disabling

When composing an email you come to a conclusion that this particular email is not to be tracked, simply click the Bell icon. The green mark will change into red one denoting that this email won’t be tracked and you will receive no information on it.

6. Signature-free

As far as the tool is free, some might think that the extension will attach a trademark or a signature in the email body, so the recipients will know that their actions are observed. That’s not true. Email Tracker doesn’t anything to the emails you send.


We would recommend you to use this wonderful email tracking tool, Just try it out for free and you will see all its benefits. Let us know about your experience with email tracker tool in the “Comments” section below.