Skills You Need To Be A Virtual Assistant

Are you interested in having a rewarding job while traveling or staying home? Working as a virtual receptionist is one of the options available to you. What may surprise you is that you already have many skills that make this career a logical choice. Read on to see if this is a good option for you.Virtual assistant job


Knowing your way around a keyboard is essential as an assistant. In this modern era of technology, most people are familiar with typing. As a virtual receptionist, though, you need to be quick and accurate, too. This skill helps with creating emails, newsletters, letters and reports. If you need to improve your speed, there are many online courses you can take from home.

Professional Communication

Answering the phone or returning calls is another vital part of an assistant’s job responsibilities. It’s always nice to speak with others in a professional manner to keep customers and business associates happy. The tone you use when communicating with others should be friendly and show that you are serious about your position. Remember, it’s okay if you don’t have all the answers; just do your best to find the answer quickly and follow back up.

Attention to Detail

This position is essential for your supervisor to be able to accomplish their job efficiently. To ensure this happens, you need to be at the top of your game when it comes to details. Missing fine points is often the difference between success and an unhappy boss. Pay close attention to instructions you receive, the words that you write, and the information you provide to others. Double-check everything before it is posted, emailed or published to ensure times, dates, locations and all the specifics are correct.


Communication is key to any job, and most people find email the easiest way to accomplish this task. As an assistant, one responsibility may be to answer your manager’s emails. You need to be familiar with different email programs, how to use the system, and also make sure you check it multiple times a day. Since this technology is used by everyone from customers to clients and vendors, you never want to end the day with vital emails sitting unopened.

Social Media

Nearly everyone with a cell phone is familiar with social media. However, being responsible for a professional business account is very different from having fun with your personal one. Your job requires posting appealing content for customers, creating attention grabbing headlines, and professionally interacting with clients and customers. Remember, everything on social media is available for the whole world to see. Ensure you are always reflecting the company and person you work for in a positive manner.


This job requires you to keep track of a lot of items and information. You must also be able to access this information quickly. In order to do both of these things, everything must be kept in order. Filing systems for hard copies and digital forms is necessary for success. If there is a lot of information you access daily, create binders or folders to retrieve this data quickly. The more organized you are, the easier the job is.

Accounting Software

A capable assistant can take care of the finances. Managing bills and invoices is easier with a knowledgeable background in accounting software. Managing accounts payable and receivable is a vital part of any business, and being responsible for this part of the job is a big responsibility. If you are unfamiliar with the software your company uses, take classes to become proficient, so you are better able to do your job.