The secrets to work and study at the same time

Many people carry on the great challenge of working and studying at the same time balancing both jobs, which by the way from a personal experience  is not easy task, but taking into account the wishes and personal goals you can accomplish it with a great effort.

work and study at the same timeFrom a personal perspective I managed to combine both my job as business developer and a very difficult MBA in finance studies, it was tough I had to say ( it took me 6 more months than the other students) but rewarding.

When people make the difficult decision to undertake two major responsibilities at the same time they do it for different reasons, some because they want to advance their work, others because they want to increase their knowledge by studying and in other cases because the company which they work for requires it. Most of the candidates pay for school to have a better chance in the future – this is most of the time, the main motivation of those who study and work at the same time. Many of the people who are already in this situation, know that having a professional or technical degree may pursue a more prosperous and profitable future. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to be considered:


• Gain experience, knowledge and a link to the professional work.

• Understand the relationship between the study and what it really takes to work.

• Gain the discipline for the organization needed to work and perform routine tasks, such as scheduling or reporting.

• Achieve developed skills in order to obtain personal and community success.

• Work the mind, making the person competent to be proactive.

• Acquire economic independence.

• Many people start as interns or part-time workers and end up with a contract within the company.


• If not achieved a good balance, one of the two tasks will be affected negatively.

• Some companies are preferably inclined by graduates with good average.

• Leisure time is significantly limited.

• Candidates have very little free time for personal enjoyment, family , friends and even living with co-workers.

Tips to successfully combine both tasks

• Be clear about what you want to study.

• Make the difference between the workplace and the study site.

• Schedule and create study habits as well as working ones.

• Be consistent and disciplined for the used schedules.

• Find a method of study and / or work more conveniently

• Ask for help both teachers and peers in the field of education, as well as colleagues and superiors at work. Family support is also critical.

• Give yourself a break and reward to the extent that goals are being met.

• Save networking always.