Saving Money While Playing The Dating Game

You know how to save money on groceries, you know how to save money when the school year starts, and you might even know the best times of the year to buy certain electronics. But, do you know how to save money when it comes to dating?

If you are single, and dating, you might also want to know how to save some money when it comes to going out on dates. There are many things that you know to do for a date, like wearing pheromones perfume and a classic LBD etc. But these days there are no rules about who pays for dates; so you never want to go out without some money to hand, unless you’ve set who’s paying before you meet up. When it comes to dating, here are some tips that will hopefully help keep you from going broke while you are out there trying to find your soulmate.

Make It Casual

One way to keep the cost down on dating is to go on casual dates. A casual setting saves you from expensive meals, and might make it so you both pay your own way. Casual dates can be meeting up for lunch or just getting together for coffee. It’s a great way to get together and get a chance to talk.

Going to the movies can be a great casual date, but it doesn’t allow for much talking time. Although you can discuss the movie afterwards. It’s also a great time to find out what kind of movies you both enjoy.

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Do Something Cheap

There are plenty of cheap dates out there. You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant on every date, or any date, depending on your mutual interests. Instead, consider some cheaper date ideas, which can depend on the weather and time of the year.

There are great free dates, like going hiking or going for a walk on the beach. There are some cheaper, yet fun, date things for the summer, like going putt-putt golfing. During the colder weather you could go ice skating. Any time of the year you could go roller skating or even bowling.

Come Up With Something Creative

You could consider a creative date idea, especially if you’ve already been dating for awhile. Consider getting together for a picnic and making your own sandwiches. You can make this one romantic by feeding each other fruit even.

Come up with other creative date ideas that fit you and the person you are dating. Maybe you like to window shop together at the mall and then have dinner at one of your favorite restaurants. You can even save money by using coupon code apps on your phone that have discounts at all your favorite restaurants.

Dating doesn’t have to be expensive. Sitting down at a bar for a couple drinks counts as a date and won’t break the bank.